Yamaha CRW-F1 Portable CDR with Advanced Audio Master Quality Recording

Yamaha CRW-F1 Portable CDR with Advanced Audio Master Quality Recording


The CRW-F1 recorder has an “Advanced Audio Master Quality Recording” mode for writing audio CDs and Data CDs, with less digital noise or jitter. This unique feature enables recording music CDs at quality levels master discs are professionally prepared. In addition to the sound quality enhancement, the mode extends the life of important data on media. “Advanced Audio Master Quality Recording” supports 1x and 8x writing speed in addition to the original 4x writing speed. Digital noise or jitter deteriorates the bit’s edge that naturally occurs over time. When “Advanced Audio Master Quality Recording” mode is enabled, the system widens the lands and the pits, significantly reducing jitter created during CD-R recording. The CRW-F1 supports up to 870MB and can record a maximum of 79 minutes music data with the “Advanced Audio Master Quality Recording” mode.

The CRW-F1 is the first CD-RW recorder to offer the revolutionary [email protected] Laser Labeling System, which allows graphics and text to be burnt onto CD-R disc, eliminating the need for labels. Customers can put graphics, such as signatures, logos, memorandums, and photo images onto CD-R’s unused area after data writing. This unique feature will certainly enhance the CD-R recording experience for many users.

To develop the CRW-F1 recorder, Yamaha adopted the Full CAV method for CD-R writing as well as CD-RW rewriting to ensure high-quality recording even at high speeds. In the Full CAV (Constant Angular Velocity) writing/rewriting mode, CRW-F1 maintains a constant disc rotation speed from start to end. By removing any fluctuation in the disc rotation speed, unwanted vibrations which may affect the writing quality are eliminated, thanks to Yamaha’s newly developed traverse mechanism with dynamic damper. The new CRW-F1 recorder features a 2’42” recording time for Full 80-minute CD-R discs (at Full CAV speeds of 44x) along with up to 24x in CD-RW rewriting. Reading speed and digital audio extraction speed reaches 44x, while delivering maximum quality and compatibility.

Yamaha’s original technology – SafeBurn(TM) – features three resources to prevent writing errors that waste time and media. An 8MB memory buffer creates enough space to keep data from backing up when transferring at high speeds, Buffer Underrun Protection works to prevent data transfer interruption, and disc capabilities are automatically checked before writing begins in order to select the optimum writing speed and improve reliability.

Allows you to write, rewrite and backup data on CD as quickly and easily as you would on a floppy disk. **Mt. Rainier support adds true drag-and-drop CD rewriting and on-the-fly formatting to CD creation, making it the first CD recorder that can write on a CD as easily as a floppy disc drive.

– Disk format time is greatly decreased from approximately 10 minutes down to about 2.
– Management and repair of damaged sectors greatly improved

New standard in CD-RW which you’ve eagerly waited for! By improving the rewriting speed, the CRW-F1 can rewrite a CD-RW disk at the speed of 24x. Full CAV 24x rewriting is suitable for high-speed random access packet writing. Partial CAV 24x rewriting is suitable for high-speed data writing.