Toshiba e740 Pocket PC Canada’s First Handheld With 802.11b Wireless LAN

Toshiba e740 Pocket PC Canada’s First Handheld With 802.11b Wireless LAN


Toshiba of Canada Information Systems Group (ISG) today introduced the e740 Pocket PC, Canada’s first handheld computer with integrated 802.11b wireless LAN and Intel®’s newest PXA250 processor with Intel® XScale™ technology at 400 MHz. Toshiba’s e740 Pocket PC also incorporates CompactFlash II and Secure Digital™ (SD I/O) expansion slots that can be used for a variety of plug-in functions including additional memory storage and Bluetooth™ connectivity.

As the world leader in mobile computing, Toshiba’s wireless-enabled Pocket PCs provide Canadians with more options to work when and where they want. Integrated wireless communications enable the e740 Pocket PC to access network files and Internet resources without a cable connection while allowing the CompactFlash and SD expansion slots to be used for other options.

“Toshiba is unplugging Canadians from their desks with wireless-enabled Pocket PCs and notebooks,” said Mary Ann Yule, Vice President of Marketing, Toshiba of Canada ISG. “The e740 Pocket PC represents Toshiba’s commitment to aggressively develop wireless mobile productivity tools that help users efficiently manage their busy lives. This new PDA offers portability, ease of use and wireless connectivity – it’s a core offering in our mobile computing strategy.”

Toshiba’s e740 Pocket PCs can connect wirelessly with Toshiba notebooks, which began incorporating integrated 802.11b and Bluetooth antennae in October 2001, making them ideal complements to primary computers. The launch of this new productivity tool is timely with the corporate handheld computer market expected to grow by 31 per cent in 2002 to $154.4 million, (from $118.2 million in 2001) according to IDC Canada.

Toshiba’s e740 Pocket PC is the first handheld computer in Canada to carry Intel’s newest PXA250 processor with XScale technology at 400MHz. The new processor delivers increased performance without compromising on battery life giving users maximum mobile productivity.

“The Intel PXA250 processor is designed to boost the performance of mobile devices that support processing intensive applications,” said Doug Cooper, country manager, Intel Canada. “Intel is pleased to deliver these added benefits to Toshiba Pocket PC e740 customers.”

Weighing a mere 185 grams, the e740 Pocket PC is one of the thinnest and lightest handheld computers to boast this degree of memory and functionality with dual slots. The CompactFlash II and SD expansion slots enhance wireless productivity further by allowing users to access files from a wireless local area network (WLAN) through the e740 Pocket PCs 802.11b antenna and then project the presentation through a Bluetooth™-enabled projector with the appropriate card.

Users also can take advantage of the optional Toshiba Expansion Pack, which attaches to the bottom of the e740 Pocket PC allowing customers to conduct presentations via a monitor or projector with the integrated RGB port. The Toshiba Expansion Pack weighs only 33g and also integrates a USB port to connect to devices such as a full-size keyboard.

Also available is the optional Toshiba Pocket PC High Capacity Battery Pack that slides onto the back of the Pocket PC e740, tripling the unit’s battery life. Both the high-capacity battery and Toshiba Expansion Pack can remain connected to the Pocket PC e740 while the device is in the cradle.

All the Toshiba Pocket PCs come with Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 software including Pocket versions of Microsoft software like Pocket Outlook, Pocket Internet Explorer, Pocket Word and Excel and Windows Media Player 8.