Review: Excalibur Forever Flashlight

Review: Excalibur Forever Flashlight


It is obvious by this website, I LOVE mobile technology. It lets me do more things in more places than was really imagineable just a few decades ago. But that of course comes with a drawback, limited battery power. That’s why I was interested in the promise of the Forever Flashlight from Excalibur Electronics.

According to the press info, it never needed batteries or replacement bulbs. So how can that be possible? Well for one, the “bulb” is actually and LED so they take “forever’ to actually burn out. Secondly, the flashlight uses your kinetic energy to power it. Sounds like something we needed to check out so the folks at Excalibur sent me one to play with.

As falshlights go it’s an eyecatcher. It’s made of translucent plastic and about the size of a LightSaber handle (add geek comment here). The translucent sheath actually allows the entire flashlight to glow abit which lets you clearly see the copper coil and magnets that create the power. In order to juice it up, just give it 30 seconds worth a strong shaking. As you do it, you can see the magent whipping back and fourth inside generating the power. This of course creates a magnetic field so keeping it a foot away from sensative electronics is a must. Now unlike similar products that actually require you to keep adding kinetic energy every few seconds, the Forever Flashligh promises 5 minutes of light for 30 seconds of shaking. We gave it a whirl about 20 times over and got results averaging about the same. On a slight downside, the flashlight isn’t what you’d call uber powerull. It was however more than powerfull enough to get me through a forest with no difficulty. Water proof, and floatable, the device is a campers dream.

This product does all that it promises and is sure to make an excellent permanent edition to anyones gear bag.