New “InterLink” JVC Mobile Mini Note PC MP-XP7210/MP-XP3210

New “InterLink” JVC Mobile Mini Note PC MP-XP7210/MP-XP3210


Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC) has announced that it will be releasing two Mobile Mini Note PCs that provide enhanced connectivity and usability with digital video cameras and the Internet. Both units come with Microsoft®’s Windows® XP Professional operating system which features more powerful AV functionality and a feature set that makes it much easier to use in a mobile environment. A comprehensive set of interfaces, high-speed CPU, and compact, lightweight A5-size design make these Mini Notes ideal for mobile multimedia applications including digital video editing.

The maturation of the personal computer market is leading to increasing diversification of the types of products needed and demanded. One area where growth is expected is the mobile PC category. Compact and lightweight Mini Note PCs suitable for mobile use are expected to become popular not only for business and professional applications, but also for personal use as well. In 2003, this market is forecast to grow to over 1 million units (JVC forecast).

JVC first incorporated the memory card slot and USB port into a digital video camera to make it easy for the user to transfer images to a PC for editing. In 1999, we released the handheld PC “InterLink,” incorporating Microsoft®’s Windows® CE operating system, and have since promoted the idea of “e-video mail” as a new means of communication that combines a digital video camera with the Internet.

The MP-XP7210/MP-XP3210 Mobile Mini Note PCs are the natural next step in the evolution of multimedia communications and computing. Incorporating Microsoft®’s Windows® XP operating system, these new PCs have been specifically designed to enable “more advanced video communications by making the most of the broadband environment”. At the same time, JVC has minimized the size and weight of these computers so that they can easily be carried together with a digital video camera.

Both models incorporate a USB port and an SD memory card slot, enabling the user to easily capture pictures from a digital video camera. The deluxe MP-XP7210’s powerful 800MHz ultra-low voltage mobile Intel® Pentium® III processor-M and an IEEE 1394 interface allows smooth moving picture editing. Users can easily edit video on site and e-mail video clips to family and friends via the Internet.

Also, by using the Windows® Messenger and Windows® NetMeeting® applications included in Microsoft® Windows® XP with the Web Camera function incorporated in JVC digital video cameras*, users can easily participate in video phone conversations or video conferencing via the Internet. (*JVC digital video cameras with Web Camera function: GR-DV3000/DVP7/600K)

In addition, drawing on our expertise in audio and video technology, we developed sound quality enhancement software (CC Converter) that maximizes the quality of sound reproduced from “compressed music data”.

JVC is committed to bringing a “new type of communication” by adding these new multimedia computers to its lineup.

Main Features

“Dual power system” enables continuous 6-hour operation
In addition to the built-in battery, these computers come with an easy-to-attach external battery that triples operation time from two hours of continuous operation (with built-in battery only) to six hours. Since the external battery is detachable, users can remove it for enhanced portability or bring it along for extended operation.

Ultra-low voltage mobile Intel® Pentium® III 800 MHz-M processor – the fastest available for Mini Note PCs (MP-XP7210)

The MP-XP7210 incorporates the ultra-low voltage mobile Intel® Pentium® III 800 MHz-M processor. In addition to blazing speed and superior stability, this PC lets users enjoy desktop-level operability on the road or in the office thanks to the extended battery driving time made possible by Deeper Sleep dynamic power management.
(The MP-XP3210 uses an ultra-low voltage mobile Intel® Celeron® III 650MHz processor.)

Rugged, lightweight A5-size magnesium alloy body weighs just 880 g*.

Made of solid magnesium alloy, these stylish silver Mini Notes are super-slim – approximately an inch thick – and can easily fit in any bag. Easy to carry, yet incredibly durable and powerful, these PCs offer the ultimate in mobile computing performance.
*MP-XP3210. The MP-XP7210 weighs 885 g.

Exclusive “CC Converter” technology for CD-quality playback of compressed music data.

JVC’s original “CC Converter” sound quality enhancement software effectively enhances the reverberations, presence and depth of compressed music data to provide a richer, fuller sound comparable to CD quality.

Bright, easy-viewing 8.9-inch wide SVGA LCD

A Low Temperature Poly Silicon TFT liquid crystal display provides excellent picture quality, ideal for reproduction of video and graphics. Moving pictures and websites can be displayed clearly and brightly.

High-performance specs and a variety of interfaces

The MP-XP7210 incorporates 256 MB of RAM and a 30 GB hard disk (the MP-XP3210 incorporates 128 MB and 20 GB, respectively). In addition, various interfaces are provided including an SD memory card slot, a PC card slot (type II), an IEEE 1394 connector (MP-XP7210 only), 2 USB (Ver1.1) ports and a broadband-compatible LAN connector.