Trimble Integrated GPS GeoXT CE Handheld

Trimble Integrated GPS GeoXT CE Handheld


Trimble’s GeoXT™ GPS CE handheld, from the GeoExplorer® CE series, combines submeter GPS and a powerful Windows CE operating system into one rugged unit. This synergy between GPS and Windows CE lets you concentrate on what’s important: collecting and maintaining high-quality data for your GIS.

For maximum productivity, you can choose the software that’s right for your fieldwork, whether it’s industry-standard TerraSync™ data collection software, an off-the-shelf solution, or custom-built software. The GeoXT runs multiple applications, connects simply to the Internet, and has a familiar user interface—all the advantages you’ve come to expect from the Windows CE platform.

In the field, the high-performance receiver gives you the best accuracy possible. For reliable navigation back to assets, use real-time corrections from the integrated WAAS receiver or an external source. To get the most precise data for your GIS, use TerraSync or a GPS Pathfinder® Tools application to collect SSF data files, and postprocess them in the GPS Pathfinder Express service or the GPS Pathfinder Office software.

It all adds up to a compact and versatile tool that’s built for extreme conditions and long working days. The GeoXT GPS CE handheld increases your productivity in the field, so you have reliable and timely data for informed decision-making.

Key features:

– submeter GPS receiver with EVEREST™ multipath rejection technology
– powerful embedded Windows CE device
– rugged design: water-resistant, shock-resistant, and dustproof
– all day battery
– outdoor color touch screen with backlight