LG Electronics Debuts Office-in-a-Pocket Designed to Enhance Productivity

LG Electronics Debuts Office-in-a-Pocket Designed to Enhance Productivity


LG Electronics Canada, Inc. today announced the release of the TM-520, its newest cellular phone model. The tri-mode handset incorporates three different forms of digital and analogue services for flexible use. It is one of the first available clamshell designs that uses the 1xRTT high-speed network in Canada. This product is exclusively available through Telus Mobility and its partners across Canada.

“The TM-520 integrates compact technology and powerful performance for business users, ” said Rob Plume, National Sales Manager for LG Electronics Canada. “It is a sophisticated yet user-friendly telephone that provides high-speed data connectivity for wireless notebook computers – we call it the “office-in-a-pocket” because it connects a person to voice, text or digital information in whatever way is most appropriate for the circumstances,” he added.

TM-520 Features Include:

– A small screen on the cover that displays caller IDs even when the clamshell is closed. Opened, the interior display enables more text and images, and its plug-in back can be used to connect a computer for wireless Internet services at speeds of up to 144 Kps. The phone’s interior display is a high-resolution LCD capable of displaying up to seven lines of text plus one line of icons.

– Compact design without sacrificing smart phone features and battery life. The handset measures 3.2 x 1.8 x 0.97 inches and weighs 3.8 ounces, and provides 200 minutes of talk time and 110 hours of standby while in digital mode using the standard battery.

– Access to the Web via its MiniBrowser and full Personal Information Management (PIM) functionality, providing both an address book and scheduler with PC synchronization capability.

– Four-way navigation key for interface, as well as the Tegic T9™ text input system.

– Short Messaging Service (SMS), CMX midi ringer, voice dialing, recording and memo, a 199-record phone book with six entries per name and TTY/TDD compatibility.

– The TM-520 is available now through Telus Mobility and its partners at a suggested retail price of $249.00.