Sony PCG-U1, The Smallest, Fastest in the World Now Available in USA

Sony PCG-U1, The Smallest, Fastest in the World Now Available in USA


Sony were the first to introduce a Crusoe based subnotebook and this time around they are the first to introduce a palm-top ultra subnotebook (what we are calling the PCG-U1 around here). The PCG-U1 is powered by a TM5800 Crusoe processor running at 867MHz and sports up to four hours of battery life. In a package the measures less than 185mm wide, this has the best baterry consumption with a Transmeta 5800. The XGA screen on this little guy is 6.4″ in size and supports a resolution of 1024×768 pixels. The ultra subnotebook weighs just 820 grams.

The TM5800 is Transmeta’s newest Crusoe processor which comes equipped with 128 Kb of L1 and 512KB of L2 cache. The chip is based on the 0.13 micron process and is expected to eventually scale to 1.0GHz. Equipped with 256MB of DDR RAM, and expandable to 386MB, the PCG-U1 also comes with a 20GB ATA100 harddrive. All other media drives are external, connecting via USB, except for a Sony memory stick port.

With Windows XP home edition loaded on to the small 20GB hard drive, and room for proprietory Sony Memory sticks on the side the PCG-U1 at least features an RJ45 network adaptor, twin USB ports, and Firewire jack for large data transfers. One Type II PCMCIA port is integrated with in the ultra sub notebook, and larger batteries can be clipped on to the bottom to boost the average 2 hour lifespan to 4 hours.

The Sony VIAO PCG-U1 is now available in the USA through exclusive distributors such as JapanRush.