Pentax Digibino DB-100 Digital Camera Binocular

Pentax Digibino DB-100 Digital Camera Binocular


The new Pentax Digibino DB-100 is the world’s first binocular with an integrated digital camera and LCD monitor. It’s the ultimate digital fun for trendy outdoor events and records what until now has remained hidden to amateur digital photography. The super-chic, small and handy Pentax Digibino DB-100 has the potential to become the event hit of the 2002 season. Certainly unusual, until now even impossible, highly detailed Digibino photos can be printed as good quality 31/2 x 5 in prints, or are suitable for modern visual image communication via the Internet and e-mail.

This is partially ensured by the 7x magnification, which corresponds to a 280mm telephoto lens in 35 mm format, and a resolution of 800,000 pixels. The revolutionary Digibino DB-100 functions like a digital camera in a pair of roof prism binoculars. The shutter speeds range from 1/30 to 1/8000 second for a wide range of different lighting situations or moving subjects. The Digibino DB-100 is equipped with a fold-out 1.6 inch TFT-LCD monitor for checking picture composition, offers manual focusing and an automatic white balance function. Additionally, a USB connection and an AV output permit quick downloads and large-screen image viewing. The shortest distance for taking photos is 6.5 ft (2 m). At five pictures per second photo sequences are no problem. The built-in memory has a capacity of 16 MB which allows approximately 100 pictures to be saved at one time.

The high-tech trendsetter records all the subjects that the great outdoors and world of leisure events has to offer. From close-ups of the stars on a far-away concert stage, daring jumps at snowboard, surfing or downhill competitions, great performances on the golf course, to shy animals in the wild or unique shots of exotic places. The most impressive and successful images are those which the photographer catches without being noticed.

The Pentax Digibino DB-100 is designed for spontaneous fun photography with natural – not posed – candid shots. It opens up a kaleidoscope of completely new dimensions for amateur digital photography and will be available from July 2002.

Major features of the DIGIBINO DB100:

1. The power of 800,000 pixels and 7X magnification

With a 1/3 inch progressive CCD and 800,000 pixels, the DIGIBINO DB100 captures distant objects with precision. Such imaging excellence also means that images can later be enlarged while still retaining impressive clarity. Pentax advanced digital technology also allows the DIGIBINO DB100 to achieve impressive 7X magnification equivalent to a 280mm lens in 35mm format.

2. Progressive CCD

The DIGIBINO DB100 is equipped with a progressive CCD, which allows high-speed shutter release that can be advantageous when capturing fast-moving subjects.

3. Convenient Flash memory

With 16MB of built-in Flash memory, the DIGIBINO DB100 is capable of recording and storing up to 100 pictures in Fine mode. Capacity of this kind has done away with the need for external memory. 4. Space-efficient JPEG format imaging All images can be easily stored as JPEG files – a space-efficient format that retains a high level of image quality and is compatible with a wide range of PC applications.

5. Precision 1.6 inch LCD panel

For standard binocular-style viewing, the DIGIBINO DB100 offers twin lenses. It also incorporates a handy 1.6 inch LCD panel, which allows a clear view of your subject and assists when composing shots for recording.

6. An impressive range of shutter speeds from 1/8000 – 1/30 Sec.

The DIGIBINO DB100 is exceptionally useful in a myriad of situations. For those wishing to view and record distant scenery or low-light subjects, exposure speeds as slow as 1/30 sec. offer high-level versatility. For those wishing to capture wildlife and other moving subjects, the DIGIBINO DB100 also has shutter speeds of up to 1/8000 sec.

7. The simplicity and versatility of USB connectivity

USB compatibility gives the DIGIBINO DB100 maximum versatility. It allows you to import recorded images into a range of popular PC applications with ease or to send images attached to e-mail.

8. AV output adds more options for display

Recorded images can be easily viewed at any time on the 1.6 inch LCD screen. For additional versatility, however, the DB100 can also be connected to a TV.

9. Manual focus for greater control

Manual focus allows greater control and makes it easy to place greater emphasis on any subject within the field of view. For further convenience, focal adjustment on the binoculars is inter-linked with that of the camera.

10. Compatible with AA and CR-V3 batteries

The DIGIBINO DB100 can be powered by two AA size lithium, or AA size nickel batteries. It is also compatible with lithium CR-V3 batteries for further convenience. Such battery sizes can be found for sale virtually anywhere, making the DIGIBINO DB100 an ideal travel companion.

11. Program auto exposure control

For additional ease of use, the DIGIBINO DB100 offers auto exposure. Not only does this achieve combinations of aperture and shutter that fit the subject, it also gives the user the freedom to concentrate on viewing and composition.

12. Fully automatic TTL white balance

Fully automatic, through-the-lens white balance means that the DIGIBINO DB100 is not confined to use outdoors. In fact, this additional advantage means that a natural range of colors can be preserved when shooting in various different kinds of light.

13. Capture the action with five frames per second shooting up to a maximum of 10 frames

The DIGIBINO DB100 is invaluable for the wildlife enthusiast, the sports spectator, or indeed anyone wishing to capture distant action. It even offers continuous shooting of up to ten frames at five frames per second, allowing you to capture instances of action, frame by frame.

14. A minimum focusing distance of just 2 meters

The DIGIBINO DB100 is excellent for viewing and recording distant scenes and action. Its capabilities, however, begin way before the horizon as it allows the viewing and capture of subjects only two meters away.