Cardmediaviewer-H Multimedia Device

Cardmediaviewer-H Multimedia Device


Card Media Viewer HD 10GB is a new innovative multi-function compact device that allows you to display on any TV monitor digital data (Music, Video, Pictures) stored on your memory cards or its internal 10GB Hard Disk.
With the CMV-H, you can now access on your TV a wide range of digital data accessible via your computer and your mobile devices such as:

Digital video camcorder (MPEG1)
Digital still cameras (JPEG – resolution up to 1024×780)
MP3 players
The CMV-H is also a USB card reader and allows you to transfer data from your Hard Disk to the memory card. The internal 10GB hard disk can also be accessed via USB from your computer
The CMV-H is the ideal companion for domestic and professional use.

The CardMediaViewer-H is a compact sized device with an embedded system DSP IC, which can decode JPEG, MPEG, and MP3 format files that are stored in memory cards (e.g. Compactflash, IBM Microdrive, MMC, and SD), or in a 10GB mini-size hard disk inside. Thus this system can play the JPEG, MPEG, and MP3 format file(s) and display it through colour TFT monitors or TVs with standard NTSC/PAL systems.