New Micro-Camera for Wireless Phones and PDAs

New Micro-Camera for Wireless Phones and PDAs


Fujitsu Limited has announced that it has developed and is making commercially available today a CMOS color image sensor module, the MB86S02A micro-camera module, for mobile phone and PDA applications. The 110,000-pixel unit offers high sensitivity and low noise, Common Intermediate Format (CIF) compatibility, and a built-in lens in the world’s smallest, lightest, and lowest-power module of its type.

Mobile phones are now being offered with video communications functionality, creating a need for mobile cameras to capture video data. Demand for CMOS image sensors is expected to rise because these devices are smaller and less power-hungry than charge-coupled device (CCD) cameras. Fujitsu has responded to the growing need for this type of product by developing a micro-camera module with the world’s smallest feedback noise-reduction sensor (FNRS).


CMOS image sensor with Fujitsu’s proprietary built-in kTC noise-elimination circuit.

Fujitsu developed a new CMOS image sensor with a built-in kTC noise-elimination circuit to address the dominant kTC noise, a shortcoming of earlier CMOS sensors. The feedback noise-reduction circuit drastically suppresses such noise, putting the new sensor on par with CCD image sensors in terms of noise and image quality. Improving light sensitivity and reducing noise have boosted image-quality significantly, making it possible to shoot with available light levels as low as 2 lux.

Unique packaging technology for the world’s smallest, lightest unit. The new unit combines what are ordinarily two different chips-an image sensor and image processor-into one. It also uses proprietary Fujitsu packaging technology (bump-chip carrier packaging) to combine this chip with a lens into a single module, the smallest and lightest such module available.

World’s lowest power requirements

Use of a low-power AD converter results in the CIF-compatible CMOS sensor with the lowest power requirements in the world: 15 mW for 15 frames/sec.

Sample ship date: Mid-June, 2002
Sales target: 500,000/month

Major specifications:

Optical system size: 1/7 inch format
Total pixels: 373(H) x 301(V)
Effective pixels: 357(H) x 293(V)
Minimum available light: 2 lux
Imaging area size: 5.5 micron square
Color filter: RGB
Voltage: 2.8 V ±0.2 V
Power requirements: 30 mW (for 15 fps)
Clock frequency: 9 MHz
Serial interface: I2C (Inter-IC)
Output format: YUV=4:2:2 (digital)
Other functions: Auto gain control, auto white-balance, auto flicker cancellation, variable scan direction, gamma correction
Physical specifications: Size: 7.8 (W) x 6.98 (D) x 3.95 (H) mm
Aperture: f2.6
Field of view: 60°
Lens construction: plastic, one element