Acer Releases the N20 and N20W XScale Pocket PCs

Acer Releases the N20 and N20W XScale Pocket PCs


Acer has announced two new handheld pocket PC’s capable of utilizing the new Intel PXA250 processor. These are able to run at clock speeds of up to 400 MHz, however Acer did not specify whether their products would be running at that exact clock speed. Both would come with 32 MB Flash ROM, 64 MB RAM, a 16-bit 3.8″ TFT display, Memory Stick expansion slots and USB connectivity

The n20w has integrated 802.11b wireless capability. The 802.11b wireless functionality also directly affects the capacity of the batteries of the two models; while that of the n20 model is 1000 mAH, the n20w has a 2000 mAH. That, again, affects the thickness of the models – where the n20 is 12.9 mm thick, the n20w adds 6.7 mm, bringing it to 19.6 mm. An optional expansion sleeve will also be available for the n20 model which adds both a Compact Flash and a PCMCIA expansion slot.

With Single-button access to business and personal email, instant messaging, remote server control, the Internet, and more the n20w is a great tool for getting things done.

The n20 and n20w sport a larger-than-average LCD screen at 3.8″.

Unfortunatly Acer did not disclose information on availability or pricing for the n20 series Pocket PC. All we can do is wait.