Digital Square Bio Watch

Digital Square Bio Watch


Digital Squares Bio Watch is a future product slated for phased commercial release starting with the release of a simple functioning model in 2002, and moving on to the release of more complex models in 2003, and 2004.

Digital Squares Bio Watch has been conceived as a means for individuals to easily monitor their health, and will contribute greatly to personal health care management. Combining the best in IT and Bio-technology, the Bio Watch be able to provide a wearer with instant access to accurate medical information and diagnostics on their bodys internal state of health.

– Body fat & exercise recording functions. Calorie calculation and meal suggestion functions.

– Interface capability with PC through USB port.

– PIMS (Personal Information Management System)

– PIMS(Personal Information Management System)

– Heath care management database development and maintenance

– Diet related games and other entertainment centered functions through Avatar support