Marine Corps Use Rolling Robo-Spy

Marine Corps Use Rolling Robo-Spy


The Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory’s Reconnaissance Surveillance and Target Acquisition Technology section conducted a Limited Technical Assessment of the first complete prototype “Dragon Runner” Mobile Ground Sensor system April 11.

Dragon Runner, with a system weight of 16 pounds and sized to fit inside a Marine’s Modular Lightweight, Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) patrol pack, is designed for the Marine small unit and will provide an increased situational awareness and tactical force-protection capability within the urban environment. Dragon Runner has real-time video for an “around the corner” perspective and utilizes on-board motion sensors during its “sentry mode.”

The Dragon Runner proved to be extremely durable during the LTA, said Capt. David Moreau, Dragon Runner project officer at the Lab.

“The durability was really surprising,” he said. “In less than nine months, we’ve developed a vehicle that can survive, even when we dropped it from 14 feet.”

Marines also threw the vehicle up stairs more than 40 times, over walls, and into windows without degrading the vehicle’s capability.

The delivery of the first MCWL prototype Dragon Runner system is scheduled for April 24. MCWL plans to assess the prototypes in-house and during the upcoming Millennium Dragon 02 experiment this summer in California. A total of 12 Dragon Runner systems will be built for concept demonstration and experimentation for that exercise.