Vocera Communications To Provide Instant Voice Communication Over Wireless LAN

Vocera Communications To Provide Instant Voice Communication Over Wireless LAN


Vocera Communications, Inc., a wireless communications company specializing in network-based software and hardware systems, today announced it is developing a wireless application to enable instant voice communications over 802.11b networks for mobile personnel.

“There are more than 25 million in-building professionals in the United States working on their feet every day who must constantly interact and communicate with each other to take care of customers and patients,” said Julie Shimer, CEO of Vocera Communications. “These on-premise mobile workers often find that using cell phones, pagers, and intercom systems to reach each other is ineffective.”

To solve this problem, Vocera is developing a wireless platform that provides hands-free, voice-activated communications throughout any 802.11b-networked building or campus. The Vocera Communications System consists of Vocera Server Software, residing on a customer premise server, and a Vocera Communications Badge, which operates over a wireless LAN (802.11b interface).

“With the touch of one button and simple voice commands, the Vocera Communications System instantly connects people to other people or groups. This allows them to make decisions and act quickly anytime in a building or campus environment with an installed wireless network,” said Shimer.

Targeting mobile personnel in hospitals, retail operations, and other in-building environments, the Vocera Communications System enables instant voice communication with anyone logged on to the network. The system will be shipping in fall 2002.