Kyocera to Introduce PocketCosmo Java-Executable Business PDA

Kyocera to Introduce PocketCosmo Java-Executable Business PDA


Kyocera Corp. announced on May 21 that it would release PDAs called PocketCosmo for corporate users.

The first Java-capable PocketCosmo will be launched in late July.

PocketCosmo features a high-speed execution environment (virtual machine), “intent,” and an “Elate” OS for Java application developed by Tao Group of the U.K.

Use of Java facilities the development of original business applications. The price is open, Kyocera said.

PocketCosmo has application software, such as program start-up software, file viewer, Web browser, and a mail client, compatible with IMAP4, address book, schedule manager, handwriting pad and others. The kana-kanji conversion software ATOK for PocketCosmo of Justsystem Corp. is installed for Japanese input.

The pre-installed file viewer supports file formats that are frequently used, including document files in Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Ichitaro formats, image files in BMP/JPEG/PNG/GIF/TIFF formats and compressed files in LZH/ZIP formats. As for the Web browser, such functions as 128-bit SSL, cookie, JavaApplet, JavaScript and others are supported. In addition to HTML3.2, it is also compatible with cHTML/xHTML-BASIC, and therefore the Web sites for mobile phones including i-mode can be browsed.

The CPU is the 206MHz Strong ARM. It has 32MB main memory and a LCD display (3.5-inch reflective color TFT), which is able to display 240 x 320 dots in 65,536 colors.

Also, on upper part of the main body, it is equipped with a CompactFlash TypeII slot, and various communication cards may be inserted. As for the power supply, lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are necessary.

The dimension is 78mm wide x 17.5mm high x 108mm thick and it weighs 169g. A cradle comes with the PDA and data can be synchronized with PCs with Windows 98 or later operating systems and a USB port.