3Com Delivers Industry’s First Bluetooth Wireless Printing Kit

3Com Delivers Industry’s First Bluetooth Wireless Printing Kit


3Com Corporation announced today the availability of the 3Com® Wireless Bluetooth™ Printing Kit in the United States. This new 3Com Business Connectivity Company solution is an innovative package that allows users to quickly enable wireless connectivity to existing printers and PCs — all with Bluetooth wireless ease.

“3Com’s Universal Connectivity solutions mean extraordinary user experiences with wired and wireless innovations for desktop and mobile PCs and, with today’s announcement — printers,” said Dennis Connors, president, Business Connectivity Company, 3Com Corporation. “As a pioneer in wireless standard technologies, 3Com gives yet another option for Bluetooth device connectivity with today’s delivery of the Bluetooth Printing Kit. First, we delivered the 3Com Wireless Bluetooth PC Card, then the 3Com Bluetooth USB Adapter, and now, the 3Com Wireless Bluetooth Printing Kit.”

“Given that the issues of interoperability, functionality, and user applications are important for the Bluetooth market, In-Stat/MDR evaluated and rated Bluetooth products by leading vendors. 3Com’s Bluetooth Wireless PC Card and USB Adapter both earned a five-out-of-five rating for a ‘very good to excellent user experience’,” said Joyce Putscher, Director of In-Stat/MDR’s Converging Markets and Technologies Group. “The products that will take the Bluetooth market by storm will offer a simple, familiar, intuitive user interface, quick and easy setup, combined with chat, printing, and additional applications that consumers find compelling, productive and fun.”

Only 3Com Can Give Effortless Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity
The new 3Com Wireless Bluetooth Printing Kit is ideal for first-time wireless users in business or home networks because practicality and simplicity are the solution’s key design elements, featuring several built-in capabilities for ease of use and ownership. The 3Com Bluetooth Connection Manager gives users an intuitive interface for discovering and connecting to other Bluetooth devices — it only takes a few clicks on icons to connect seamlessly. To protect customers’ investment, the Bluetooth Printing Kit is fully software and firmware upgradeable so to make it easy and cost-effective for users to download new features when they become available. In addition, the new 3Com Wireless Bluetooth Printing Kit gives optimal reliability for connectivity without wires with ranges up to 10 meters (32 feet) indoors.

As one of nine promoter companies in the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, 3Com has been a driving force in determining the latest industry standard Bluetooth specifications. With certification to the latest Bluetooth 1.1 specification, users are ensured all 3Com Wireless Bluetooth solutions fully interoperate with all standards based Bluetooth devices.

Pricing and Availability
The 3Com Wireless Bluetooth Printing Kit (3CRBB0196) is available immediately in the US for $250 U.S. list price. It includes one 3Com Wireless Bluetooth USB Adapter and one 3Com Wireless Bluetooth Parallel-Port Printer Adapter. Additional 3Com Wireless Bluetooth USB Adapters (3CREB96) and 3Com Wireless Bluetooth PC Cards (3CRWB6096) are available individually for $149 U.S. list price.