MobileWise Promises Wireless Power

MobileWise Promises Wireless Power


MobileWise, a Silcion Valley start-up led by former Palm CTO Bill Maggs, has announced that it is working on a revolutionary new wireless power technology.

Few details have been released, but MobileWise claims it will enable users to ‘experience true wire-free connectivity’. A statement on the company’s web-site reads: ‘Our technology delivers safe wire-free electric power to mobile devices.’ The company is thought to be talking to investors and OEMs about commercialising a technology for delivering power to mobile devices without having to plug in to a socket. In addition to Maggs, MobileWise is staffed by a number of other mobile industry veterans, including Andy Goren, former CEO of location services infrastructure provider GeePS, and Tal Dayan, formerly Director of Engineering at OpenGrid. The company recently added Boris Cooper, Boris Cooper, former Director of Corporate Development at Palm, as Vice President of Strategy and Finance, and Charles Seligson, previously Executive Vice President and member of the Board of Directors of V Band Corporation, as Vice President of Global Sales.

“The MobileWise technology comes at a critical juncture in the evolution of the wire-free office and is a great supplement for users of Wireless LAN technologies,” said CEO Andy Goren. Further information from the company’s web-site.