Fonix VoiceAlert now available for Microsoft PocketPC Devices

Fonix VoiceAlert now available for Microsoft PocketPC Devices


Fonix® Corporation, a leading provider of natural-user interface technology and voice solutions for wireless and mobile devices, Internet and telephony systems, and vehicle telematics, today released Fonix VoiceAlertTM , a program that intelligently manages and organizes all upcoming appointments in a Microsoft® Pocket PC®-operated device, and reads appointments aloud using exceptionally high-quality Fonix Text-To-Speech (TTS) voices. Fonix VoiceAlert, a new release and upgrade of the world-class scheduling assistant formerly known as TimeTalk Alert, has a new user interface and several new features.

“Fonix VoiceAlert, a simple yet powerful and productive PDA scheduling solution that – provides practical speech options – and separates the product from conventional calendar and task applications,” said Kirk Feller, GM and VP Consumer Applications Group for Fonix Corporation. “All of the features, functions, and tools previously found in TimeTalk Alert, including graphical screens and high-quality speech, are still there with the added benefit to make notification of appointments and tasks easier and less distracting for people on the go.”

Fonix VoiceAlert retains all of the features and functionalities that made its predecessor a productive and valuable assistant for users of Pocket PCs, and now it provides direct integration with the Microsoft® Calendar, which allows users to hear up to three months of calendar items. Users now have access to all of the program’s functions through an icon that sits in the Windows® system tray on the Today Screen. This gives users the ability to restore the application interface and have access to program functions such as “Say Next Alert,” “Say Events,” “Say Tasks,” go to the “Options” menu, display the “Clock,” preview the “Alert Window,” “Mute,” and “Exit” the application.

In addition, a scroll bar will appear in the Alert screen if more than one event has transpired since the last time the Alert window was cleared. A number will also appear, indicating the active calendar alert and the total number of past alerts, enabling users to easily view and listen to each past event.

Fonix VoiceAlert facilitates time management by automatically retrieving information entered into the calendar, tasks, and “to do” lists of the Pocket PC and speaking details aloud as an individual event time approaches. With various skins available for the interface, and alert chimes and voices that are highly customizable on an appointment-by-appointment basis, Fonix VoiceAlert can be tailored to suit any individual user requirements. The user can even disable the alert chime when in a meeting or other important event, so as not to interrupt, but still have the appointment or task pop up on the screen.

Fonix VoiceAlert will be available for download from the Fonix website ( on May 20, and will be available for purchase at retail outlets nationwide on June 1, for only $29.95. For more information about Fonix Corporation, call (801) 553-6600.