MSI Unveils First MotherBoard with Bluetooth Technology

MSI Unveils First MotherBoard with Bluetooth Technology


“First ever mainboard embedded with Bluetooth function has successfully developed and implemented through our strong and innovated MSI™ R&D team. When industry is focusing on the Wireless LAN, IEEE 802.11 implementation, Bluetooth technology gradually outburst from a conceptual design into a next generation Personal Area Network (PAN) core technology, MSI™’s PC2PCTM -Bluetooth is the key to unlock the rich digital era and also satisfy the human desire of empowerment.

Designed based on the Bluetooth technology concept, PC2PC™-Bluetooth can be used for Point to Point, Point to Multi-Point Wireless transmission not limited to angles or physical blocking item and able to proceed signal. It is equipped with 2.45GHz high frequency transmission broadband; 1Mbps transmission speed and 100 Meter transmit range. In additionally, it allows transmitting digital files and images with low power consumption. It is the best choice to construct wireless connectivity, MSI™’s first ever-wireless innovation – PC2PC™-Bluetooth includes:

Transceiving Module –Bundle with MSI Mainboard, it allows user’s personal computer transforming to a Bluetooth wireless transceiving platform and with the support of Antenna which also bundle in the package, it suddenly make the transmission seamless & empowernessly.

Transceivint Key — Use USB 1.1 interface connector, which makes Laptop or second desktop computer become Bluetooth receiver.

Currently, there are many devices that are already equipped with Bluetooth Wireless feature such as: Bluetooth Wireless cell phone, headset, PDA, Pocket PC, wireless printer, digital camera …etc. In the near future, Bluetooth is expected to replace IrDA wireless specification and will suddenly become the standard of each and difference type of digital appliance and wireless products.

MSI™ ‘s PC2PC™-Bluetooth is the first innovation ever-featuring Bluetooth wireless concept, which is used on desktop computer. By bundling with MSI’s new Mainboard, which based on Intel’s new chipset in the April; the PC2PC-Bluetooth is able to let users enjoy its seamless and wireless power of digital era.