The BMW iDrive Controller

The BMW iDrive Controller


The secret of iDrive’s remarkable convenience lies in a unique combination of ergonomic design and state-of-the-art technology. The electronics that co-ordinate the comfort functions in the new BMW 7 Series are truly brilliant: fibre optics transmit data, using the cutting-edge Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) application. This fibre optic technology enables extremely high data transfer rates. With it, iDrive is able to co-ordinate not only the car stereo system and telephone, but also DVD, the television, speech-controlled navigation system and on-board computer systems.

The iDrive is only 65 millimetres across, but an enormously important innovation in automobile design: the iDrive Controller. Developed together with Immersion Corporation (, one elegantly shaped dial that sits in the centre console is able to control every comfort feature in the new BMW 7 Series. Intuitive, ergonomic, communicative: thanks to tactile feedback technology, the Controller makes it easier to regulate cabin comfort functions.

The iDrive Display is perfectly positioned in the line of sight of both driver and passenger, the Control Display in the new BMW 7 Series provides information on the entire range of comfort functions. Two models are available: the 6.5 inch serial display and the optional 8.8 inch display. The high-quality screen provides a bright, clear image, in 640 x 240 pixel resolution and a brilliant 16 bit colour palette. Laid out clearly in four separate sections, the Control Display works with the Controller to provide motorists with fast, intuitive and easy regulation of the cabin comfort.