T-Touch Touch Screen Watch

T-Touch Touch Screen Watch


The best way of predicting the future,” futurists and scientists often say, “is to invent it.” With the T-Touch, Tissot throws a definite bridge toward the future. For the first time, touching the crystal activates the functions of a watch. As sensuous as it is functional, the T-Touch is a fine amalgam of design and technology.

The T-Touch is an emotion, an experience for all five senses. Why? Because its features are activated by a soft touch on the watch crystal, as magical as our sense of touch. For the eye, beyond the technological reality of its mechanisms, the watch is a feast to onlookers. To the ear, precise warnings are available, alarms sounded at exactly the chosen time. To the nose, a sense of kinship, since this timepiece literally smells its atmosphere, thanks to a built-in barometer, altimeter, compass and thermometer, not to forget the full chronograph functions as well. The sense of taste is not forgotten either, since this watch the clearly shows the famous Tissot good taste for innovation, from which this exceptional timepiece was born.

To speak of the T-Touch as one of the most innovative watches of its time for its touch-driven technology stands almost as a useless reiteration. Especially since the engineers at Le Locle have realized a perfect blend of technology, emotion and wearer-friendliness. Indeed, not only is the T-Touch chock-full of electronics, it gives no external signs of unnecessary complexity. In this way, it blends in perfectly with modern philosophies, which suggest products and inventions of greater and better performance and function, easier to operate, and more appealing and clean in design.

Touch probably being the most natural sense of all, the use of a T-Touch is as natural as it is intuitive. Like the skin brushed by a loving hand, one light touch is enough to arouse immediate reaction – for example, the movement of the dial or the digital counter. Technology and information also become a source of pleasure.

But where Tissot engineers succeeded especially brilliantly was in the no-compromise design of this spectacular watch. Where many others of the type often market shapes of rather doubtful design, the T-Touch reveals itself as a sensuous, harmonious, elegant and avant-garde timepiece. Its livery is as enthusiastic as its technology. A stainless steel case and bracelet, which speak of robustness, a sporty nature, while its dial (featuring a green T), give it a resolutely trendy look.

In this way, the T-Touch can appeal equally well to adventurers of the great outdoors needing a precision instrument just at their fingertips, or an object of desire for hedonist city-dwellers wishing to remain ahead of their own time.