Good Technology G100 Wireless Handheld

Good Technology G100 Wireless Handheld


Introducing the Good™ G100 wireless handheld from Good Technology. G100 is a powerful, compact and sophisticated handheld that pioneers a new category of Synchronized Messaging Devices. Small enough to be carried or belted at all times, G100 provides mobile professionals with a highly-portable handheld for robust wireless access to a wealth of corporate information. Its sophisticated design features both a clear, crisp grayscale display screen and an ergonomically designed thumb keyboard for a superior typing experience on a small form-factor device. The result is a superior user experience in a compact mini-PDA size device.

Powered by GoodLink™ wireless corporate messaging system, G100 delivers a continuously synchronized wireless connection to Microsoft® Exchange® data so users can instantly access up-to-date corporate email, secure attachments, contacts, calendar, notes and tasks when traveling. G100 also features GoodInfo™ software for accessing vital company data stored in web-based applications and other Internet information.

Features & Benefits

· Compact – G100 is highly-portable, making it easy to carry at all times. It is small enough to be carried on a belt or in a pocket while providing a large high-resolution display and full, built-in Qwerty thumb keyboard. Intuitive one-handed navigation enables easy scrolling and left or right hand use.

· Synchronized – G100 leverages GoodLink software and service to deliver a continuously synchronized wireless connection to messaging, organizer and company data.

· Sophisticated – G100 blends ergonomic engineering with an elegant, simple design. Highly functional and durable, G100 is built to withstand the demands of busy executives.

· Clear, crisp grayscale display screen – G100 maximizes viewable data on a small form factor device with a high-resolution, 212 x 138 pixel screen that can display up to 12 lines of text. A 16-level grayscale display delivers the richness of color in a low-power alternative.

· Quick-type thumb-board – An ergonomically designed Qwerty thumb keyboard enables a superior thumb typing experience on a small form-factor device. The V-shaped layout and contoured key shape on G100 work together to create an intuitive keyboard with positive tactile feedback for fast, efficient typing on the go.

· Ambidextrous navigation bar – Unique and easy-to-find navigation controls provide quick, intuitive, and easy one-handed navigation of G100. A center-mounted scroll wheel enables one-handed navigation with either the right or left hand. Integrated left and right buttons make navigating calendar entries and editing text intuitive and fast. Additional command buttons – including Home, Escape and Menu – further improve navigation speed.

· Backlit screen and keyboard – For improved visibility in low-light environments, G100 includes a backlight feature that can illuminate both the display and the keypad so users can continue reading and typing.


2.8 x 3.9 x .6″ (72 x 99.5 x 16mm)

4.7 oz. (130g)

ARM-based processor

8MB Flash, 8MB RAM

Internal Rechargeable Lithium Polymer

Notification Tones; LED and Vibrate

Power Cable
USB Cable