The World’s Smallest USB Compatible High Speed IrDA Adapter

The World’s Smallest USB Compatible High Speed IrDA Adapter


The IrSTICK™ is a super small low cost USB compatible IrDA adapter that is perfect for PC’s without an IrDA port. In minimizing the size of the IrSTICK we have used a ceramic circuit board. Our controller is also custom build and overall size is very small.

The IrSTICK™ implements the high speed IrDA protocol IrPHY 1.1. It is possible to communicate with other IrDA devices at a variety of transmission speeds from 9,000 bps up to 4 Mbps. The device driver is also compatible with Windows® 98/2000/ME

Data synchronization is also possible between PCs without an IrDA port and PDAs using a PIM Application on the PC. Cell phone books can also be edited on the PC and then sent back to the phone.

Features & Specifications

Compatible OS Windows(R)98, 98SE, Me, 2000, XP(works with built-in driver)
IrDA Protocol IrDA1.1
IrDA Transmission
Speed 9.6K-115Kbps, 0.576Mbps, 4.0Mbps
USB Protocol conforms with USB1.0/1.1
USB Connector USBA-Type
Power Consumption 35mA(max), 0.4mA(in suspend mode)
Power Supply acquires power from USB port
Dimensions 39.1mm(length)x17.0(width)x9.0mm(height)