Panasonics New e-wear Records Video Plays Audio and Still Photos

Panasonics New e-wear Records Video Plays Audio and Still Photos


Last year, Panasonic’s e-wearTM line of tiny, wearable music players started a sensation. Packed with even more technology, this year’s unique e-wear players add multi-media recording and playback capabilitiesx and more fun than you can imagine.

“We’ve taken the e-wear concept to the next phase in its evolution,”said James Kiczek, National Marketing Manager, Panasonic Portable Audio. “This year’s line includes models that will record music and video, take still photos, and even print out mini photographs on the spot.”

All this, from wearable units that fit in the palm of your hand, or around your neck, or strapped to your arm – thanks to the super portability and huge data capacity of the SD Memory Card.

The amazing SV-AV10 heads up the new e-wear line. It’s a 4-in-1 A/V SD recorder and player with a flip-out, 2-inch LCD screen. Of course, this versatile e-wear unit can play back MP3 and AAC audio. It can also record and play back MPEG-4 video and digital still photos, chronicling the action as it happens. It even has a built-in flash. And, it can also function as a voice recorder, to capture and play back quotes, lectures, or just your friend’s jokes. Incredibly, the unit’s footprint is smaller than a business card. Weighing less than 3.5 ounces (without battery), this unique device is always ready-to-wear and primed to party.

The SV-AV10 e-wear A/V recorder/player can hold approximately 30 minutes of MPEG-4 video, or about 880 JPEG images, in the standard mode (QCIF, 200kps) on an included 64MB SD Memory Card.

After viewing your precious photos, you don’t have to wait to print them out – If you take along the SV-P10 e-wear portable printer. This mini color thermal printer is about 3.3″(W) x 1.2″(H) x 2.7″(D), and weighs just 6.5 ounces (without battery). It prints out JPEG and TIFF images at 203dpi with 256 color gradations, onto 2.7″x 1.5″ sheets. Each sheet takes about one minute to print. You can print out a single photo or 4 photos on one sheet. On a full battery charge the SV-P10 can print about 45 sheets, so all of your friends can receive souvenir photo “parting gifts.” The SV-SD80 e-wear unit, introduced in October, is perhaps the industry’s smallest portable digital audio player that uses removable media. Despite its size, this player has tremendous stamina, providing up to 50 hours of uninterrupted play (using the rechargeable Ni-MH battery and one

alkaline battery.) An included 64MB SD Memory Card holds up to 64 minutes of near CD-quality music in High Quality mode (129 minutes in Extended Play mode.)

Panasonic SD-enabled products are marketed in the United States by Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company. The company is a division of Matsushita Electric Corporation of America, the principal North American subsidiary of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., (NYSE:MC) of Japan, one of the world’s largest producers of innovative electronic and electric products for consumer, business and industrial use. Media can access press releases via the Panasonic Pressroom web site, or through New Directions Public Relations’ tollfree fax-back system at 888-734-7490.

SV-AV10 e-wear
Multi A/V Recorder/Player
March 2002 $449.95
SV-SD80 e-wear SD Music
Current $329.95
SV-P10 e-wear Mini Color
Thermal Printer
March 2002 $219.95