Estari to Launch Dual-Screen Laptop

Estari to Launch Dual-Screen Laptop


Estari Inc., a leader in providing digital document management solution software, will bring to market the patented dual-screen laptop in the fourth quarter of 2002. Estari’s 2-VU™ product line will include an eBook, handheld, laptop and portable desktop models.

The laptop version will have two, full-sized 15” diagonal screens and a Microsoft Windows XP Operating System®, giving Estari’s 2-VU™ all the features of a laptop, paired with a reading experience that is superior to that of a PC or a dedicated electronic reader. The 2-VU™ comes loaded with DocAble Organizer Professional™, a digital document management software package that will organize and manage information in virtually any file format – whether the information is located on a single PC, network servers, the web or any removable media.

“The 2-VU’s two, portrait-mode, full-color screens allow the user to read and work in the format of the traditional book, which has proven to increase reading speed, compre-hension and retention,” said Estari CEO Dr. George Crist. “This format for printed publications is widely accepted, based on a study of 30 centuries of graphic design and consumer testing. The 2-VU operates in the Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP® environments and features the Adobe Acrobat Reader®. This strategy avoids the problems of a propriety, closed environment while maintaining the file integrity offered through these state-of-the-art digital rights management platforms.”

Unlike electronic tablets, the 2-VU™ allows users to view two full-page files or documents simultaneously. Users can page through two books at once, or take handwritten notes in a notebook on one screen while paging through a book on the other screen.

The 2-VU™, which is based on technology licensed from the former Everybook EB Journal, is patented in the United States, Canada and Australia. The patent is pending in Brazil and the European Union and is under consideration in several other countries. Estari partners hold patents for the dual-screen laptop in China, Taiwan, Japan and Germany.