Cannon Announces The Elura 40MC

Cannon Announces The Elura 40MC


The Elura 40MC is a compact and versatile camcorder offering a unique combination of features to produce both high-quality video and stills from the same camera. It’s a camcorder that offers point-and-shoot simplicity without limiting your ability to take command and stretch your creative wings when you want. Note its extensive offering of digital video special effects and its optional ability to make color prints without connection to a computer.

The Elura 40MC offers the superior quality of digital video, the ability to take digital still pictures and store them on a MultiMediaCard, as well as the optional capability of making prints without connection to a computer. The Elura 40MC also gives you a host of new digital effects, automatic and manual controls, and offers quick and easy connection to your computer.


– Digital Video Format and IEEE 1394
– 680,000-pixel CCD
– Image Stabilizer
– Precision Canon Optical Zoom Lens
– Shooting Modes
– Video Mode
– Digital Photo Mode
– XGA High Resolution Photos
– Motion JPEG
– MultiMediaCard and SD Memory Card compatible
– Color Viewfinder and 2.0″ LCD Screen
– Direct Print
– Programmed Auto Exposure
– Manual Controls
– Digital Effects, Faders and Special Effects
– PCM Digital Stereo Sound
– IEEE 1394 Input and Output Terminal
– Video and Audio Inputs and Outputs
– Additional Features