Acer Launches the Acer s10 HandHeld for the English Market

Acer Launches the Acer s10 HandHeld for the English Market


Acer has launched its slim and sophisticated Acer s10 handheld to the English market, sporting handy features such as audio recording, MP3 playback, and dual expandability through a Memory Stick expansion slot and Acer’s Versatile Connector, all powered by the super-supportive Palm OSa. With the Acer s10 handheld, your life is truly in your hands!

The Acer s10 handheld features an integrated audio system, with recording and playback of sound files via the built-in speaker or earphones. Users will also appreciate the ability to automatically save audio files in MP3 format using an optional 64MB Memory Stick, allowing recording for up to 2 hours in normal recording mode. This feature is particularly practical for business people who find it easier and more convenient to make high-quality recordings of meetings and interviews, rather than bother with note taking.

The Acer s10 handheld also provides powerful dual expansion capabilities through its Memory Stick expansion slot and Versatile Connector. Inserting a Memory Stick into the slot permits increased storage capacity, and extends the Acer s10’s functionality through current and future Memory Stick solutions, including digital camera and Bluetooth wireless communication applications, and a GPS system. The Versatile Connector accepts a wide variety of compatible third-party modules to easily expand the capabilities of the Acer s10, ensuring that it remains a cutting-edge device that adds both efficiency and spice to life.

“Business users will appreciate the added convenience that the Acer s10 offers,” Jim Wong, President of Acer’s IT product business group, said. “The superb audio recording functionality enhances work productivity, while the slim styling and dual expandability offer professional users practical benefits that only Acer can deliver.”

The Acer s10 handheld uses the Palm OS® and accompanying Personal Information Management (PIM) applications that help people to better manage their lives. Embedded in the flash ROM of the device, PIM spares users the hassle of installation and registration; frees system memory for personal data and application storage; and prevents accidental erasure in case of a power loss. The Palm OS? includes a host of other useful applications for tasks such as viewing Web pages and word processing, in addition to the more than 11,000 Palm OS?-compatible programs available. What’s more, to ensure the integrity of personal information and to allow users to edit data from the handheld, the Acer s10 cradle enables easy data synchronisation between the Acer s10 handheld and a USB-equipped PC.

Based on the Motorola DragonBalla VZ 33MHz processor, with 16MB of SDRAM for user applications and data, 16- grey scale display, and rechargeable Li-ion battery, the Acer s10 handheld packs its functions and features into a compact and stylish device that measures just 120mm by 77mm by 13mm, and weighs only 140 grams.