DieCorp Announces Musit, Handheld Pen-Based Audio Player

DieCorp Announces Musit, Handheld Pen-Based Audio Player


DieCorp (TM) Ltd, an international company announces the Musit(TM), a portable handheld music device targeted at music consumers who use distributed filesharing networks like Napster, Gnutella and Freenet.

The Musit (TM) will revolutionize the way music lovers acquire and store their favorite songs by eliminating the need for a computer, allowing wireless music downloads anytime, anywhere on a convenient, portable device.

The Musit (TM) is a palm-size computing device with a stylus that allows music fans to simply write-in a song title or artist name on the screen. The Musit sends a query to an Internet-based distributed database called the DieCorpNet (TM). Musit (TM) quickly lists matches to the music fan, who then clicks on the desired song, for a wireless download.

The Musit(TM) stores the songs in MP3 format on CompactFlash (TM) media. Once a song is fully downloaded, the Musit works much like any portable personal music listening device. There is a standard audio jack for headphone or amplified listening. To learn more about the Musit (TM), visit the DieCorp (TM) website at http://www.diecorp.net .