Kontron Starts a ReVolution: A Rugged Laptop and Tablet in One

Kontron Starts a ReVolution: A Rugged Laptop and Tablet in One


People who work everyday with computers in the field face many choices. Today, there are more mobile computing options than ever. New technologies are converging, with exciting combinations of features, applications and value from which to choose. Answering questions about types of laptop, notebook or tablet, just got a lot easier, thanks to the new ReVolution from Kontron. Its a rugged laptop and tablet in one, designed to offer an impressive combination of ruggedness, upgradability, versatility and integrated wireless communications capabilities.

In short, its the ultimate computing tool for the field-deployed professional.

The introduction of the two-in-one ReVolution comes as good news for users, who often require a mobile laptop as well as a tablet. It also delivers the best of both worlds for test and measurement and data acquisition applications, since it goes everywhere the technician needs to go and can interface with just about anything required. The field applications are virtually limitless.

The feature-packed Kontron ReVolution includes:

On-demand convertibility. Thanks to SwitchIt™, Kontron’s unique rugged hinging technology, the ReVolution converts from a laptop configuration to a touch screen tablet in seconds. This 180º custom display hinge revolutionizes the way in which a field professional can use his or her PC. With a quick flip of the display, the ReVolution can be used in an office environment like a laptop, for example, or outside for all-weather data acquisition as a tablet or handheld.

Unprecedented, integrated wireless communications technology for the field-mobile platform. The ReVolution features embedded Bluetooth technology for wireless PAN connectivity, enabling users to connect to cell phones, airport Internet kiosks, printers, PDAs and more. It also features optional integrated or GSM for wireless WAN connectivity and Spread Spectrum wireless LAN (802.11b) connectivity.

World-class ruggedness. The ReVolution can take punishment that cripples ordinary, consumer-grade laptops and notebooks. With a full magnesium construction design, it is tested to U.S. military and NEMA standards for resistance to shock, vibration, water, temperature and dust.

Impressive upgradability and modularity. The ReVolution features upgradable CPU modules, memory, hard drive capacities and peripheral modules. A SunLight readable transflective display is available as an option. Additional integration through dual Mini PCI interfaces customizes the complete solution. The optional I/O Expansion Stick allows for user-defined input/output devices while the two front accessible bays house one or two 3.5-hour batteries, or one battery and a DVD, DVD-R, CR-ROM, CD-R or floppy drive.

At the heart of the ReVolution is Kontron’s new QuickSilver CPU module with a 1.06 GHz (or higher) Intel Pentium ® III Processor-M.

Designed and developed by Kontron partner companies in the U.S., Germany and Taiwan, the QuickSilver CPU module combines some of the best development expertise of three continents. Offering unparalleled performance in a 3- by 5-inch footprint, the QuickSilver CPU module comes standard with 128MB SDRAM upgradeable to 768MB and operating system support for Windows 98, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP.