Sprint PCS Unveils Cell Phone Necklace

Sprint PCS Unveils Cell Phone Necklace


Now anyone can match their phone to their mood or style. Sprint, which operates the largest all-digital, all-PCS nationwide wireless network and is the fastest-growing wireless carrier, and LG InfoComm, a leading worldwide provider of communications equipment and solutions, announced today the availability of the Sprint PCS Phone 4NE1 by LG. The size of an ice cream sandwich and sold with an optional strap, it can be worn around the neck; built-in screen savers and changeable side panels allow users to create their own unique style.

In addition, the Sprint PCS Phone 4NE1 by LG supports the Sprint PCS Ringers & MoreSM add-on service which allows users to wirelessly download ringtones and screen savers. Ringtones such as “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and images like “Wassup” and “How ya doin’?” are the perfect way to communicate any mood without saying a word. And because Ringers & More allows subscribers to interchange downloaded songs and images anytime and anywhere, users can change their screen savers or ringers as their moods change.

Exceptionally easy to use, the Sprint PCS Phone 4NE1 by LG offers one-touch Sprint PCS Wireless Web access, five-minute voice memo, 30 voice-activated dialing commands, and vibrate ringing mode so users can step out and take a call when “silence is golden.” It is available for $149.99 at Sprint Stores and at www.sprintpcs.com.

“Sprint continues to clearly set the trends with the hottest wireless devices, and the Sprint PCS Phone 4NE1 by LG is no exception. With this phone, you can show off your own individual style by mixing and matching the various colored panels with today’s hottest ringtones and screen savers,” said John Garcia, senior vice president of sales and distribution for Sprint’s PCS division. “The sense of personalization and unique, wearable design of the Sprint PCS Phone 4NE1 by LG is unlike any other phone available in the U.S., making it another first for Sprint and LG.”

According to Michele Thenegal, director of marketing for LG InfoComm, “This phone will be popular with customers who want an array of fashionable personalization features. With this stylish new device, users can transform their handsets into accessories that reflect their personalities, even their moods. It is the latest trend-setting phone in the LG line-up. The LG 4NE1 raises the bar for handset manufacturers, by unleashing a new convergence in fashion and innovation.”

The phone’s standard lithium ion battery offers 2.5 hours of talk time digital or 170 hours of continuous stand-by time in digital mode.

Highlights of the Sprint PCS Phone 4NE1 by LG include:


Optional strap for use as a necklace so users can accessorize with phones that reflect their personalities
Built-in screen savers for increased personalization
Supports the Sprint PCS Ringers & More wireless downloads of the hottest ringtones and screen savers, including songs such as “Big Poppa,” “Semi-Charmed Life,” and images like Garfield and The Little Mermaid
Customizable decorative side panels in two styles and several colors, such as blue, burnished orange and pink
Two embedded games: Comanche and Black Jack2, and one-touch access to the more than 60 games on the Sprint PCS Wireless Web
Productivity Tools:
Calendar with scheduler to track events with friends and family
Smart Filing System – utilizes folders to automatically sort incoming messages
Calculator for easily determining an appropriate tip
One-way speaker monitor for listening to voice mail or while on hold
Four-way navigation key for easy Web and menu navigation
One-touch silent mode for instantly putting the phone into mute mode
Thirty voice-activated dialing commands and five-minute voice memo
Integrated headset jack and monitor mode for hands-free listening
Faxing Capabilities
Multiple language support (English and Spanish text and voice prompts)
Dual band 1900 MHz PCS / 800 MHz AMPS
Wireless Data Tools:
Wireless circuit-switched data and fax capabilities
Mini-Browser (Openwave 4.1 browser) for e-mail and Internet access
The Sprint PCS Phone 4NE1 by LG comes packaged with a standard lithium ion battery and charger. For more information on this device, please visit www.sprintpcs.com and www.lginfocomm.com.