PowerMate USB Volume Knob

PowerMate USB Volume Knob


PowerMate is the coolest volume knob your Mac has ever seen – and so much more. Use it to edit iMovies or scroll through long documents and web pages. Best of all, PowerMate is an assignable controller. Program it to do anything you want in any application. Customize it to your own needs and get wild.

Made of high-quality machined aluminum, PowerMate feels like a solid volume knob pulled right off the front of a world-class stereo. Its heavy weight and tactile feel is a welcome departure from typical plastic USB peripherals. PowerMate functions beautifully as a convenient volume knob and mute button for music listening on your Mac. But that’s just the beginning of PowerMate’s possibilities.

Edit movies just like the pros with PowerMate functioning as your very own Jog/Shuttle wheel. Spin PowerMate to scroll through footage and push the integrated button to edit points or cut out unwanted pieces. PowerMate makes editing home movies a breeze and it comes preset to work with iMovie and FinalCut Pro right out of the box.

But the real power of PowerMate is that it’s programmable. Program PowerMate to scroll through long Microsoft Word files and save your document when you push its button. Set PowerMate to scrub through songs in sequencers and music apps. PowerMate can be programmed to do any key command – in any application. Save as many unique settings as you want, PowerMate will remember them all.