ARM, Imagination Technologies and Superscape Collaborate To Deliver Seamless 3D User Experiences...

ARM, Imagination Technologies and Superscape Collaborate To Deliver Seamless 3D User Experiences On Wireless Devices


ARM, the industry’s leading provider of 16/32-bit embedded RISC processor solutions, Imagination Technologies, developers of the PowerVR range of 3D, video and graphics IP cores, and Superscape plc, the software technology company specializing in interactive 3D for mobile platforms, today announced that they are collaborating to develop and deliver powerful, seamless 3D experiences to users of mobile devices. The three companies will work closely together to integrate their complementary technologies to provide developers with a completely compatible hardware and software solution.

Superscape’s Swerve 3D enabling software technology (comprising Swerve Client, Swerve Author and Swerve Applications) has been developed in close collaboration with ARM to deliver compelling interactive 3D user experiences to mobile phones. Imagination Technologies’ PowerVR MBX graphics core, is designed for integration alongside ARM® microprocessor cores in a SoC (system-on-chip) solution and will enable the migration of high-performance modern 3D and video graphics content to mobile platforms.

As the importance of 3D-enabled mobile platforms grows so does the need for both sophisticated content-enabling technologies and a route to hardware-accelerated functionality. Developers of Swerve technology-enabled content can now also access hardware 3D acceleration features comparable to the capabilities of games consoles or PC platforms. By working with both PowerVR and Swerve technologies, ARM can offer its Partners consistent, scalable solutions for advanced 3D content across a wide range of mobile devices.

“Delivering an exciting 3D experience on power constrained mobile devices presents a significant challenge to hardware and software developers,” said Steve Evans, VP, Segment Marketing, ARM “Through our close cooperation with Imagination Technologies and Superscape, we will be well placed to offer our Partners a compelling solution to meet these challenges.”

“By combining the software applications like Swerve and the hardware microprocessor and graphics cores from ARM and PowerVR Technologies, it is possible to create a powerful, flexible platform for advanced 3D graphics on phones and PDAs,” said John Metcalfe, VP Business Development, PowerVR Technologies. “This is the next logical step in the evolution of 3D content for ARM core-based mobile platforms. Using Swerve as a content enabling mechanism and PowerVR MBX as the hardware rendering mechanism will allow customers to develop graphically superior next generation mobile devices and the graphical content to excite users.”

“This announcement brings to users and developers, a path for 3D content on mobile platforms which offers a migration route from software content right through to advanced hardware acceleration,” said Kevin Roberts, CEO, Superscape plc. “Superscape is now beginning to work with other ARM Partners, many of whom have complementary technologies to our own Swerve 3D applications platforms as well as access to the worldwide wireless marketplace. Imagination Technologies is an excellent example of this widening of our sphere of activities. There is already considerable synergy between our three companies; this collaboration will undoubtedly strengthen this and enable us jointly to offer powerful, robust 3D experiences to the mobile user community.”