New IBM ThinkPad A31p: New generation notebooks

New IBM ThinkPad A31p: New generation notebooks


Why confine your creativity to your office space, when you can edit your work right on location. With the new ThinkPad A31p notebooks you can, combine Intel Pentium 4-M processing power with desktop graphic capabilities and Bluetooth* wireless technlogy. These notebooks allow users a 15”display for robust desktop functionality in a mobile platform with exceptional connectivity and the peace of mind that comes from IBM security solutions.

New creation processor

IBM ThinkPad A31p notebooks are the first mobile computers from IBM to use Inel Pentium 4 Processor-M, available initially at clock speeds of up to 1.7GHz**. This faster mobile performance provides superb capabilities for multimedia and graphics-intensive applications, as well as the necessary performance for processor-intensive ”background computing” tasks such as data compression, virus scanning and client management.

Awesome new mobile graphics power

The A31p delivers workstation-level performance on a mobile platform partly due to its revolutionary ATI Mobility Fire GL 7800 onboard graphics engine, including a mammoth 64MB of 128-bit double-data rate (DDR) memory and delivers 4X AGP speed. It supports 3D resolutions up to 2048×1536 pixels in rich, 32-bit colour.

Supporting OpenGL, the industry standard for 3D rendering and hardware acceleration, it allows improved on-screen performance of workstation applications such as modeling, simulation, and computer-aided design. And the groundbreaking PowerPlay(TM) voltage and frequency-scaling technology, allows for maximum performance even when running off battery power, to satisfy the most power-hungry user.

Integrated wireless

Integrated Bluetooth (TM),* or 802.11b wireless technology together with the IBM Embedded Security Subsystem on select ThinkPad A31p models mean you can count on convenient, secure connections.***

Application certification

These powerful systems undergo rigorous testing and independent software vendor (ISV) certification to support a growing number of mission-critical applications for the engineering (MCAD), digital media, electrical design automation (EDA) and petroleum exploration industries.