Microsoft and VoiceStream to Deliver Wireless Data to Customers’ Pockets

Microsoft and VoiceStream to Deliver Wireless Data to Customers’ Pockets


Microsoft Corp. and VoiceStream Wireless announced plans to bring Microsoft® Windows® Powered Pocket PC 2002 Phone Edition-based devices to customers later this year for use over VoiceStream’s high-speed GSM/GPRS (Global System for Mobile/General Packet Radio Service) wireless voice and data network. The combination of Microsoft’s Pocket PC Phone Edition software, which seamlessly integrates the power and versatility of Microsoft Pocket PC software with wireless capabilities, and VoiceStream’s wireless networks will enable customers to make phone calls or use high-speed wireless access to view virtually any Internet site or securely access corporate networks, e-mail and PIM from more than 6,500 cities across North America at speeds that rival or exceed standard dial-up wired connections.

VoiceStream is a member of T-Mobile International, the wireless subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom (NYSE “DT”). Today’s announcement builds on plans released by Deutsche Telekom and Microsoft last week to deliver XML Web services to customers throughout Europe.

“Our goal is to give all our customers affordable, wide-scale wireless access to the information they want and the applications they know through a broad choice of intelligent devices,” said Cole Brodman, senior vice president of Systems and Product Development at VoiceStream.

“We’re thrilled to work with VoiceStream, a company that shares the vision of connecting customers to their information any time, anywhere, on any device,” said Juha Christensen, vice president for Mobility at Microsoft. “VoiceStream’s knowledge of and investment in high-speed data networks and services combined with best-of-breed mobile devices based on our Pocket PC platform will be a winning combination for our mutual customers.”

VoiceStream customers today are already embracing the convenience of remotely accessing information from their laptops and Pocket PCs using VoiceStream’s nationwide GPRS high-speed network and a PC data card. In addition, VoiceStream’s 802.11b wireless broadband network is available in more than 650 public locations across the country, allowing customers to access their favorite Microsoft applications remotely using Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity)-enabled laptops or PDAs.

“Were committed to providing a secure, fast and responsive wireless experience to all our customers,” Brodman said. “With nationwide GPRS, transparent EDGE upgrades in areas of regional demand and Wi-Fi hotspots in popular daily destinations, VoiceStream delivers a network that matches the diverse needs of our consumer and business customers.”

“With Microsoft’s expertise in building familiar and powerful software, and VoiceStream’s ubiquitous high-speed wireless networks, customers can extend their familiar desktop experience beyond their home and office to get more from life using laptops, phones, PDAs and the fully integrated wireless digital assistants of tomorrow like Pocket PC Phone Edition.”

Features & Benefits

Wireless Phone
Call anyone, wherever, whenever. Use the earpiece or hold it up to your ear.

Wireless Internet
Securely browse any Internet or Intranet web site.

Sync your Outlook (e-mail, calendar and contacts) with your desktop PC.

Wireless e-mail
Access your e-mail (internet and POP3) while on the go.

Familiar Microsoft Applications
Convenient pocket versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Outlook and MSN Messenger.

Organize Your Life
Includes a calendar, contacts, to do lists, and other applications to help make your life easier.