Enfora Introduces the Wireless Portfolio

Enfora Introduces the Wireless Portfolio


Enfora, Inc., a leading provider of wireless data solutions, today redefined the concept of wireless connectivity with the introduction of its patent pending Wireless Portfolio(TM). Designed to function with virtually any PDA, the Wireless Portfolio(TM) provides all the necessary functionality to connect the user to a variety of wireless data networks through its unique Modular Modem Design, MMD(TM)technology. The company will showcase the Wireless Portfolio(TM) at IWW East (New York) February 20-22 as a partner with Microsoft in booth # 504, and 3GSM World Congress (Cannes, France) February 19-22, in Sasken’s booth #G20, Hall 2.

The Wireless Portfolio(TM) incorporates wireless WAN Technologies (CDPD or GPRS) with optional location awareness (GPS). In the near future, the Wireless Portfolio(TM) will be available with wireless LAN (802.11b), Bluetooth and 1XRTT capability.

The Wireless Portfolio(TM) is designed to provide the wireless data user ultimate flexibility. A user can connect a PDA of their choice with the wireless communication technology best suited for their needs. No longer will wireless data users be forced to select wireless technologies and capabilities based on costly add-on custom sleds and PC card options. The user no longer has to fear the expense of investing in current wireless data/communication capability. The Wireless Portfolio(TM) protects the investment by providing a simple, economical upgrade path towards 3G mobile solutions.

“Enfora’s Wireless Portfolio(TM) was conceived after listening to our enterprise customers’ many requests for a wireless solution capable of functioning with the diversity of handhelds in the workplace,” said Mark Weinzierl, Chief Executive Officer of Enfora. “Enfora is very proud to introduce to the wireless market an extremely innovative and unique solution capable of allowing the user to take advantage of current wireless technologies, with the ability to upgrade the solution to future wireless technologies without the constraints of customized PDA solutions. With the introduction of the Wireless Portfolio(TM), Enfora moves closer to achieving the goal of truly enabling information anywhere, anytime.”

Some of the Key Features of the Wireless Portfolio(TM) Include:

Sleek Integrated Design Provides Wireless Access, Portability and Protection for Your PDA:
The Wireless Portfolio(TM) is designed to allow the mobile professional optimum wireless freedom by integrating all the wireless data components necessary to provide seamless connectivity into a personal organizer binder. In addition to containing the components necessary for data communication, the organizer provides space for business or credit cards, notes, while serving as a small protective carrying case for the PDA.

I/R Communication Interface Provides Universal PDA Compatibility:
The Wireless Portfolio(TM) provides maximum flexibility by communicating with nearly every PDA using an infrared communication interface. The Wireless Portfolio(TM), combined with Enfora’s modem manager software enables a host of PDA’s, operating various versions of PALM, PocketPC, CE, and Linux operating systems. This allows the user to quickly and wirelessly enable existing PDA’s, while providing the capability to support new devices.

Flexible MMD(TM) Technology Enables Wireless Capability:
MMD(TM) (Modular Modem Design) provides an easy upgrade path to the next generation of wireless technologies through a unique Plug and Play interface. The Modular Modem Design allows the Wireless Portfolio(TM) and other innovative Enfora products to easily expand and upgrade to new wireless technologies.