GPS LAM-1 Accessory for The Nokia 9210i

GPS LAM-1 Accessory for The Nokia 9210i


Hidden amongst the announcement of the Nokia 9210i there is a very interesting new accessory. The LAM-1 GPS Module brings accurate location information to the 9210 for use in Route Planning and other applications. It is not clear whether this accessory will work with a 9210 (it is only listed under 9210i acessories at the moment).

Symbian says:
“With the introduction of an optional attachable Nokia GPS module accessory, Nokia brings GPS positioning technology to its mobile phone portfolio for the first time. The Nokia GPS Module, optimized for the Nokia 9210i Communicator, makes location and destination tracking convenient, offering users a street-level address finder and route guidance for various European cities. This accessory will also enable Nokia’s partners to develop additional applications for location-based services, thereby offering wider possibilities for utilizing GPS positioning.”

PS Module LAM-1 DEtails

Easily track your location and destination with the Nokia GPS Module, wireless positioning module based on Global Positioning System (GPS). Attach the Nokia GPS Module in your Nokia 9210i Communicator and install a compatible location software and navigate freely in various European cities, using street level address finder and route guidance.

External GPS antenna for indoor use

Travel route planning and instructions in text and graphics

No additional batteries needed