Cingular Wireless to be First in United States to Offer New Motorola...

Cingular Wireless to be First in United States to Offer New Motorola V70: A MotoMarvel of Style and Design


Today, at CTIA Wireless 2002, Motorola, Inc. and Cingular Wireless announced an exclusive agreement that will make Cingular Wireless the first carrier for the Motorola V70 in North America. Cingular is expected to begin exclusively offering the phone in May in its GSM markets. A breakthrough in both style and design, the model V70 combines a futuristic form factor with urban elegance. With its rotating cover and circular display, the Motorola V70 heralds the evolution of an entirely new design category for wireless mobile phones. The Motorola V70’s distinctive look continues throughout with blue electro-luminescent (EL) MotoGlo lighting, translucent housing and a black screen display with white-styled fonts. Cingular Wireless, known for its commitment to mobile personalization and self-expression, will offer the model V70 on its GSM/GPRS network as a showcase for user individuality with interchangeable display bezels and customizable ring tones that will enable consumers to truly create a phone of their own.

“The Motorola V70 is a radical departure from the status quo in mobile-phone design. With the model V70, Motorola is inviting consumers into an experience that defines style and sophistication,” said Ron Garriques, senior vice president of the global product portfolio, Motorola’s Personal Communications Sector. “The unique rotating cover and circular display exemplifies Motorola’s heritage of innovation. Motorola first had consumers lighten their pockets with the MicroTac, the industry’s smallest phone; they flipped for the StarTac®, one of the most popular flip phones; and now we are turning heads with the new Motorola V70.”

In addition to traditional phone capabilities, the Motorola V70 can be used to exchange SMS text messages*, access the Internet*, play games, sync** with a PC or even send a fax. The external display provides quick call identification and the customizable main menu allows users to tailor the device to suit their needs.

More than just a combination of style and design, the Motorola V70 is a GSM phone, powered by GPRS technology that offers “always connected” Internet access*, eliminating the need for dial-up and providing high-speed data service for sending and receiving information. This service provides quick-and-easy Internet access for users and is a must for both business and personal use.

And with the following entertainment and personalization optional accessories, the Motorola V70 will prove to be one of life’s greatest pleasures:

FM Stereo Radio Headset – forget about the Walkman, tune into your favorite radio station and don’t miss a call along the way Interchangeable Display Bezels – show your individuality by customizing the outside of your phone

In order to be one of the first in the United States to own the Motorola V70, consumers can actually pre-order the phone at The Motorola V70 is expected to first be available in May at Cingular Wireless retailers and at, And, customers will be able to talk all they want with Cingular’s new national rate plans where customers never pay long distance or roaming again – plus they receive 3500 nationwide night and weekend minutes starting as low as 29.99 per month.