Philips ProntoNeo SBC RU930 Offers Single Remote Control Solution for Home Cinema

Philips ProntoNeo SBC RU930 Offers Single Remote Control Solution for Home Cinema


Philips continues to expand its line-up in universal remote controls, by introducing the ProntoNeo SBC RU930 – a new and affordable universal remote control, aimed at the home cinema enthusiast looking for full functionality and maximum ease-of-use. The ProntoNeo is an addition to the current range of Philips’ universal remote controls. It helps make technology easier to use with a consumer-friendly design and the associated NEOedit software.

Bringing it mainstream

The ProntoNeo features a backlight touch-screen LCD display with a resolution of 160 x 100 pixels.
The unit incorporates 15 hard buttons for basic functions and utilizes cursor control for easy navigation.
With the on-board universal database and included Pronto NEOedit software, users can customize their touch-screen by simply connecting or synching-up the remote to any PC. Unlimited macro-command capability is available as well.
Due to the large database built-in, the ProntoNeo controls virtually all IR-controlled audio and video equipment.
It offers an intuitive graphical user interface and holds 1MB of flash memory, for programming as many macros and commands per macro. Any functionality can be copied from the original remote to the ProntoNeo, making it flexible and future proof.

Key features of the new ProntoNeo

· Touch-screen with LCD display and blue backlight
· Control of any infrared device, large brand list
· 1MB of non-volatile flash memory
· Learnable (can copy functions of original remote)
· Unlimited macro capability and unlimited number of actions per macro (limit = Free memory)
· Universal Data Base
· Intuitive graphical, customizable user interface, manually or via PC
· Real time clock and calendar
· Includes NEOedit software to create new buttons, labels and menus
· NEOemulator for viewing and testing new configurations before downloading

The ProntoNeo will be introduced in Europe in May 2002 at a price of Euro 279,99.