Rayovac Announces 15 Minute NiMH Revolutionary Battery Technology

Rayovac Announces 15 Minute NiMH Revolutionary Battery Technology


Rayovac Corp. announced today the development of a revolutionary new rechargeable technology that will shorten charging time to an unprecedented 15 minutes or less. Rayovac’s patent-pending I-C3* technology(TM) (In-Cell Charge Control) puts the control of recharging into the battery, instead of the charger. This breakthrough in Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) technology offers significant performance and convenience advantages over existing rechargeable and disposable battery systems. When commercialized, the Rayovac I-C3 technology NiMH batteries will be the longest-lasting rechargeable for many devices and last up to four times longer than regular single-use alkaline.

The groundbreaking Rayovac I-C3 technology has the potential to capture a significant share of the $5 billion rechargeable-battery industry. High-tech electronic devices (digital cameras, MP3 players, cell phones), household devices (power tools, personal care products, toys) and other emerging technologies (e-scooters/e-bikes, portable web-based electronics) will all greatly benefit from the In-Cell Charge Control system.

I-C3 An Extraordinary Advance in Rechargeables

A rechargeable battery with built-in charging control will provide several significant advantages over other battery technologies:

— Fastest recharging time ever — 15 minutes or less
— Longest-lasting rechargeable battery in many devices and lasts up to four times longer than alkaline
— Can be recharged up to 1,000 times
— Safe design — system monitors the charge in each individual battery for safety, speed and reliability

Rayovac is currently evaluating options for strategic partnerships with major OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). Retail products are expected to be introduced in mid-to-late 2003.

Longest-Lasting Batteries

In digital cameras, the new Rayovac I-C3 NiMH AA size batteries will deliver up to four times more shots than an alkaline battery and more than any comparable size lithium ion battery, based on current American National Standards Institute (ANSI) battery tests. In devices like power tools and emerging technologies like e-scooters, this new Rayovac I-C3 technology system is projected to last 20 percent longer than any current rechargeable battery, while at the same time significantly reducing charge time.

“This dramatic rechargeable breakthrough will allow design engineers to offer consumers unparalleled improvements in performance and convenience,” said Rayovac Chairman and CEO Dave Jones. “We can now offer OEMs the longest-lasting, fastest-charging battery technology ever for many of their current electronic devices and their future technology-based applications. The size and potential growth of the portable power device market represents a significant opportunity for Rayovac.”