Wavecom Behind Cesscom’s ‘UBIQ-5000G’

Wavecom Behind Cesscom’s ‘UBIQ-5000G’


Wavecom SA, a leading developer of digital wireless standard modules (WISMO®), today announced that South Korean mobile communication innovator Cesscom Co., Ltd. is using WISMO technology for its newest wireless personal digital assistant (PDA) offering.

Cesscom’s UBIQ-5000G is one of the world’s first wireless PDAs to be based on the Microsoft® Windows® Pocket PC 2002 operating system. It combines the functions of a pocket personal computer, a wireless Internet device, a mobile phone and a MP3 player. The UBIQ-5000G comes with Microsoft Office, communications and entertainment applications.

The wireless connectivity of the UBIQ-5000G is ensured by the WISMO Quik Q2303, a dual band, GSM/GPRS plug-in module that gives the PDA voice capability as well as wireless Internet, e-mail and short message service connectivity.

“Wavecom’s technology is compatible with every popular PDA operating system,” said Jean-Charles Andreani, Managing Director of Wavecom Asia Pacific Limited, Hong Kong. “The flexibility of our technology allows our PDA customers to offer product diversity – that means real choice for the end user.”

Edward Jeon, Cesscom CEO, said: “We are delighted with WISMO Quik’s sophisticated technology – a combination of many features and functions in a compact, easy-to-use package. It allows us to extend our range of PDAs and to offer what we believe is one of the world’s very first wireless PDAs to use Pocket PC 2002. The combination of high performance and full features make WISMO Quik the right solution for small, advanced handheld devices.”