Unveils the New T919 Unveils the New T919


With the T919 Tel.Me., Austria’s manufacturer of mobile phones, MP3-player and Internet Devices, presents its first multimedia cell phone during the CeBIT 2002 in Hannover. The GPRS telephone belongs to the Smart Phone sector and offers a built-in MP3-player in addition to a digital camera, organizer, colour display and E-mail funtions. “The introduction of the T919 in fall 2002 doesn’t just indicate our entry into a new market, but is also a sign regarding the internationalization of the company,” explained Manfred Jahn, CEO of Tel.Me. Telecom Media & Products GmbH.

Smart – WAP 2.0, EMS, up to 128 MB memory, E-mail, USB or Infra-red and 85.600 bit/sec With a resolution of 256 x 128 pixel and 32,786 colours, the large T919 Touch Screen delivers not only an exceptional array of colours, but also supplies the user with a quick overview of E-mail and internet services as well as 1000 telephone book entries and an appointment calendar. The new WAP Standard 2.0 also provides better access to the web (among other things, with xHTML support) and makes the user flexible and independent.

GPRS Class 10 provides data transmission of up to 85.600 bit/sec (faster than ISDN). Messages received or even music files can be saved onto a 128 MB memory card (MultiMediaCard) via the built-in MultiMediaCard slot. Files already saved on the T919 can be copied via infra-red or USB onto a PC. Java will also be supported by the T919 as of 2003. Fun – Digital camera, MP3-player, very large colour display with 32,768 colours and photo album The most distinctive multimedia entertainment characteristics in addition to the digital camera, which uses the colour display as a viewer, are the MP3-player with a MultimediaCard slot, handwriting recognition on the entire display, EMS messaging and the photo album.

With the photo album saved telephone numbers can be furnished with pictures. This means that picture of the person calling will appear on the display., allowing you to put a face to a name and number immediately The digital camera also makes it possible to take photos, which can then be sent together with a short message to friends and acquaintances via E-mail.

The MP3 function strikes a good note. By using optimal MultiMediaCards up to 128 MB of memory is currently available. E-mails and other information can also be saved onto the memory card. Business – Organizer, speaker phone, E-mail with attachments, Outlook synchronisation For the business user the T919 offers an organizer with an excellent appointment and daily planner. Even the E-mail function provides for comfort: attachments received in the most divers file formats (doc, txt, jpg, bmp, gif) can be viewed instantly.

The organizer database can of course be synchronised with Outlook on the computer via USB or infra-red interfaces. With a simply push of a button the speaker phone function allows for group discussions.

T919 – Touch screen, clip-on number pad and built-in speaker phone system The built-in speaker phone system makes it possible to make phone calls freely while driving the car or during meetings. Information can either be entered via the touch screen by means of handwriting recognition or by dialling the telephone numbers directly.

For those who do not want to do without a cell phone key pad , Tel.Me. has included a clip-on number pad with the T919. Should the number pad not be needed, the customer can very simply remove it and enjoy full access to the colour display.

Available from October at the list price of EUR 529

The international delivery of this flexible multimedia mobile phone will begin in October of this year. The production will take place in Western Europe.

Technical Features of the T919 Multimedia GPRS Mobile Phone

-GPRS Dual Band 900/1800
-GPRS Class 10 (85.600 bit/sec)
-115 gram
-120x52x23 mm
->320 hrs. stand-by / >180 minutes talk time
-digital camera (photos can be sent as E-mail attachments)
-vibrating alert
-colour display with 32.768 colours
-touch screen (256 x 128 pixel)
-clip-on number pad
-internal antennae
-Enhanced Messaging (EMS) v5.0
-WAP 2.0 with xHTML
-Intelligent Input T9
-14 MB RAM
– up to 128 MB with MMC
-E-mail Client (POP3 / IMAP4) with doc, txt, jpg, bmp und gif viewers
-Outlook compatible organizer (with calender, to-do list, address book, notes)
-Infra-red interface
-USB interface
-MultiMediaCard slot for up to 128 MB of memory
-3 games
-speaker phone
-handwriting recognition
-landscape or portrait display mode
-1000 telephone book entries
-Polyphone ringing tones (downloadable via EMS)
-photo album with correlation to the telephone book