Nokia 3510 brings GPRS and Polyphonic Sounds to the Consumer Market

Nokia 3510 brings GPRS and Polyphonic Sounds to the Consumer Market


Nokia today introduced the Nokia 3510, its first expression category phone with GPRS, polyphonic (MIDI) sounds and Value Added Services (VAS) over Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) capability. VAS over MMS brings new dimensions to personal communications with the possibility to receive rich value added services like screen savers and polyphonic ring tones. Shipments are expected to begin in the second quarter, 2002 in Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific.

“We believe that the Nokia 3510 will have wide consumer appeal with its attractive feature set and hip design. The polyphonic tones dramatically improves the sound quality, be it melodious sounds for ring tones, alerts or game sounds. With several cover options and an extensive service offering, the Nokia 3510 can be transformed into the most personal and useful device,” said Juha Pinomaa, Vice President, Marketing, Nokia Mobile Phones.

WAP over GPRS offers a convenient and fast connection to mobile services and allows the user to concentrate on the task at hand rather than having to worry about the technology used. With many easy to use applications, the user is able to personalize the Nokia 3510 and download fun, new content.

Polyphonic MIDI ringtones offer a new, high-quality sound experience for the users of the Nokia 3510. MIDI sounds and traditional ring tones can also be used as personal ring tones and SMS alert tones. The Nokia 3510 has 15 preloaded MIDI ring tones and 4 MIDI alert tones, in addition to traditional ring tones. Additional polyphonic ring tones can be downloaded from Club Nokia or received over MMS.

The owner of the Nokia 3510 will have five games to choose from, most of which are brand new: Kart Racing, Dance 2 Music, Space Impact II, Bumper and Link5. Polyphonic background music and sound effects add a new dimension to the mobile gaming. Playing games on your phone is made even easier with Xpress(TM)-on Gaming covers, specifically designed with a 4-way scroll key for improved gaming ergonomics. For example, you can steer and shoot simultaneously while playing Space Impact II.

The new, exciting accessory covers for the Nokia 3510 also include active covers with dynamic light effects flashing to the rhythm of your ring tone, as well as reactive covers that glow in the dark.

Club Nokia game services for the Nokia 3510 comprise downloadable game packs including new levels, tracks, characters, mission packs and polyphonic game sounds as well as high score sending. You can also download your favorite hit tune as a polyphonic tone from the Club Nokia WAP site.

The following features are also included in the Nokia 3510:
– Animated screensavers, full display screensavers
– Clock screensavers
– Inbuilt vibra
– Calendar with reminder, call and birthday note types
– Count down timer and stopwatch
– Voice dialling with 14 voice tags
– Phonebook with up to 500 names
– Timed profiles
– Large black and white display (96 x 65 resolution)
– WAP 1.2.1 over GPRS
– GSM 900/1800
– Talktime: up to 4h 30min, standby time: up to 13 days
– Dimensions: weight 105g, volume 98cc

Please note that the MMS related services are dependent on the network as well as on the compatibility of the devices used and the content formats supported.