Pogo! Launches Flash Memory Based Mp3 Player With Direct Mp3 Recording

Pogo! Launches Flash Memory Based Mp3 Player With Direct Mp3 Recording


Pogo! Products launched their first product to the consumer market today, the DataQuake™ Springboard™ module. Available in 8MB and 16MB versions, the DataQuake provides memory expansion with silent alarm functionality for the Handspring™ Visor™. It also includes vibration and a flashing LED to add the illusion of rumbles, thuds and explosions to games.

The DataQuake allows people to safely and easily store applications and data with the extra memory and included File Mover application. It also permits the practice of high handheld etiquette by silencing those sometimes annoying alarms. This is achieved by setting the handheld to a visual LED alert, or one of three vibrating alerts, any time where chirps and beeps are not appropriate-such as during movies or meetings.

“We are pleased to be introducing PoGo! Products, at the same time as launching our first consumer product to the market, our DataQuake Springboard module,” said Andy Park, Vice President of PoGo! Products. “We have many new products that will be introduced at Comdex this year. Pogo! Products is not limited to the handheld market, but will launch many fun and exciting gadgets in the near future.”

“The DataQuake Springboard module offers our Visors customers much more than extra memory. It makes gaming on Visors more fun and interesting with the vibration feature, and it also brings the convenience of a silent, blinking alarm,” said Rita Sharma, business development manager for Handspring.

PoGo! Products will bring to market all the best ideas in cutting edge gadgets and accessories.. From expansion modules for the popular Handspring Visor handhelds, to must-have electronic tools for work, and toys for play. PoGo! Product’s team of designers and inventors are defining the new rules for what is progressive, fun, and functional, with products that are feature-filled with a provocative industrial design and have an interface that will appeal to consumers’ deepest “must have” instincts.