Nokia 7210 Fashionable Tri-Band Phone

Nokia 7210 Fashionable Tri-Band Phone


The latest member in Nokia’s line of fashion phones, the Nokia 7210, exudes urban trendiness with a daring design, including a new keypad layout with 4-way scroll. Unveiled today, the Nokia 7210 features a high-resolution color screen, MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) capability, support for downloading Java applications, and a stereo FM radio. Nokia’s newest fashion phone is also a globetrotter, functioning on 5 continents wherever GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900 networks are available. The Nokia 7210 is expected to start shipping globally in the 3rd quarter, 2002.

“The Nokia 7210 is a package of style, combining the best of design with the best of technology. It extends the personalization of the exterior to the interior, allowing users to tailor their applications and communication style. It is a feast for the senses offering color images and stereo sound combined with a striking exterior, and illustrates the exciting directions mobile fashion is taking in step with the evolution of technology,” said Anssi Vanjoki, Executive Vice President, Nokia Mobile Phones.

The Nokia 7210 is the first product based on the new Nokia Series 40 user interface, which is optimized for small color screens. Nokia 7210’s color display supports 4096 colors and, together with MMS, offers users richer communication means. MMS works much the same way as traditional text messaging (SMS), but makes it possible for users of the Nokia 7210 to combine text-, graphic- and imaging content in one message. Once the user has written a text and selected a picture, a multimedia message can be sent directly to another MMS compatible terminal, as well as to any email address. When MMS’s are sent to non-MMS capable terminals, recipients can receive a message with a password and website address where they can view the message. The Nokia 7210 is also able to receive MMS’s with text-, image-, and tone content. *

The Nokia 7210 supports Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME), which is a version of Java technology specifically designed for small consumer electronics products. The J2ME platform in the Nokia 7210 supports Mobile Information Device Profile 1.0 (MIDP 1.0), which is an industry standard specification optimized for mobile devices such as mobile phones. J2ME will enable users to personalize their phone to best support their lifestyle by downloading the applications they want and need, whether it be with entertainment, lifestyle management, or travel content, for example.

With the Nokia 7210, users can enjoy a high-quality sound experience with the new polyphonic MIDI ring tones and the integrated stereo FM radio. MIDI sounds and traditional ring tones can also be used as personal ring tones and SMS alert tones. New sounds can be received over MMS, downloaded from Club Nokia via WAP or via the Internet with Nokia PC Suite 5.0. The integrated handsfree speaker makes it possible for example to listen to the radio without a headset.*

The Nokia 7210 phone is also the first Nokia phone with a Pop-Port interface connector. The Nokia Pop-Port connector will be a primary interface connector in future Nokia phones. It has been designed for the mobile environment and supports advanced functionalities, such as digital accessory identification, stereo audio or fast data connectivity. With the launch of the Pop-Port connector, Nokia will gradually open parts of the interface and license the specifications to both accessory and phone manufacturers. This will significantly expand the choice of innovative and appealing accessories from companies experienced in the music, entertainment and imaging arena, for example.

Users of the Nokia 7210 will be able to download polyphonic MIDI ring tones, color graphics, and pictures via WAP from Club Nokia. A new attraction is the possibility to also download wallpaper pictures for the phone. In addition, users will be able to store pictures in a personal picture zone in Club Nokia’s Photo Zone and send pictures as multimedia messages from the web site. It will also be possible to download J2ME games via WAP.

Features of the Nokia 7210 include:
– Integrated handsfree speaker making it possible to listen to the radio without a headset and conduct a conference call
– Preinstalled polyphonic MIDI ring tones
– Pop-Port interface connector including: digital accessory identification, stereo audio, data connectivity and power output for accessory
– Digital clock screensaver
– Enhanced calendar
– Wallpaper
– User changeable color schemes for the display
– Messaging: SMS, MMS
– Java games: Triple Pop, Bounce
– 6 Xpress-on accessory covers
– Stopwatch
– Countdown timer
– PC Suite 5.0
– Dimensions: 68 cc, 83 g
– Talktime: up to 4 hrs, standby time: up to 240 hrs
– Connectivity: Infrared
– WAP 1.2.1
– GPRS 2+2, 1+3
– GSM 900/1800/1900