Magnavox MobilePal + GPS – Personal Assistance at the Touch of a...

Magnavox MobilePal + GPS – Personal Assistance at the Touch of a Button


All the convenient features of MobilePal are included in Magnavox MobilePal + GPS, including advanced location finding technology* so if you are away from home, we’ll know exactly where to send roadside or emergency assistance-even if you don’t.

Magnavox MobilePal + GPS works by using the military’s global positioning satellites to determine your exact latitude and longitude, then sends those coordinates to our friendly Personal Assistant operators who can dispatch whatever help you may need.

It does not require charging since it operates from ordinary AAA batteries. It’s light weight and comfortable size allow you to take it with you in your pocket or a small purse. Speaker-mode makes the device even easier to hear and use.


– A single large button for an immediate connection to a service operator.

– Positioning capabilities exceeds the FCC mandate for location finding devices.

– 95-decibel alarm attracts help

– In an emergency, you want to do one of two things (or maybe both)– Call 911 and make lots of noise, loud noise.

– Two buttons are located where your fingers naturally grip the MobilePal+GPS.

– Signal test button allows you to verify that there is a signal available wherever you are.

– Magnavox MobilePal can be used anywhere analog cell phones work. Press this Signal Test Button at any time to make sure you’re in an area with available cellular service.

– No need to charge batteries

– Will the phone work when you really need it? With a regular cell phone battery, the answer is a not-so-reassuring “maybe, maybe not.” That’s why we designed MobilePal + GPS to use four long-lasting AAA alkaline batteries. They never need recharging and need only be checked once a year

– Speakerphone for hands free use after the call is initiated