PaceBlade Launches the PaceBook – World’s First Tablet Notebook

PaceBlade Launches the PaceBook – World’s First Tablet Notebook


PaceBlade Technology announced today that the company will launch their new PaceBook into the European markets at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany, March 13-20, Hall 2 Booth C 60/1. The PaceBook is the world’s first tablet notebook LCD PC, providing a powerful 3-computers-in-1 system. The product retails for under US$2,000.

“Last year at CeBIT our very early prototypes generated enormous interest. We released our first marketing units in November and mass production began in early March,” said Eric Djie, President of PaceBlade Technology and chief designer of the product. “Now the PaceBook is fully ready for the market.”

Distributors and resellers are located in countries throughout Europe including Germany, the UK, Scandinavia, Spain, Austria, and Holland. Sales will target corporate and retail markets, along with professional industries such as medical, transportation, law enforcement, military, sales, insurance and finance.

“The flexibility of our 3IN1 system ensures simple ergonomic and need- driven solutions, and allows us to serve customers and industries that neither a traditional notebook nor a Tablet PC can effectively satisfy today,” said Djie.

The PaceBook functions just like any notebook computer and can immediately be used by anyone who uses a PC. Yet with a click on the unique Rotation Button it becomes the world’s first notebook computer to operate in Portrait mode.

With its wireless keyboard, the PaceBook offers the user freedom to find the most comfortable ergonomic working position, curtailing problems related to Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI). An optional office stand gives the PaceBook the full functionality of a desktop computer while it can also used as a mobile notebook or as a Tablet PC in a position much like working with a pen and a notepad. The touchscreen uses either a stylus or finger touch input, or can be used via handsfree voice recognition.

To increase mobility and practicality, the PaceBook can easily be wall mounted, used on tripods, POS devices or in vehicles. It comes in a designer case and can be carried comfortably, thanks to a wide range of standard and customized carry straps.

Specifications: The PaceBook includes a Transmeta Crusoe processor, 128MB SDRAM (upgradeable to 640MB), 20-30GB HDD, CD-ROM (or DVD, CD-RW), and a 12.1″ XGA TFT-LCD display with a touchscreen overlay. It comes with either Windows XP Home, XP Professional or Windows 2000. The PaceBook has full connectivity with USB, FireWire, VGA, LAN, modem, and PCMCIA. A number of optional accessories will soon be released, including a port replicator and a CCD camera. An optional stand turns the PaceBook into a fully functional desktop PC used together with a full-size keyboard and mouse. The PaceBook DVD-ROM can be used while sitting in a car, boat or airplane because it does not require an external power source.

“The PaceBook is without a doubt the coolest computer that we have ever been the distributor for,” said Vittorio Mischi, CEO for Symplon AG, Germany. “Its rare to have the chance to work with a product that everybody recognizes as something that they’ve been waiting for and would really like to have.”