Impactra Introduces 2 models of Portable MPEG4 Player

Impactra Introduces 2 models of Portable MPEG4 Player


Impactra introduces 2 models of portable motion picture players named ‘Motion i’ and ‘Sync i’, that can play motion picture files compressed by MPEG 4 and WMT based technology.

These new products not only store and play back motion picture files, but also provide features of a digital audio player that supports MP3, AAC and WMA files which are the most popular digital music formats over the internet. Moreover, they provide voice recording features and simple PDA features such as PIM, email and game.

These new products, look like folded-style cellular phones, are designed in order for users to operate easily as they use their cellular phones. In particular, ‘Sync i’ enables users to turn the screen horizontally by its swivel design in order to show the contents largely.

The operating system of these new products is Microsoft Windows CE.NET and they have 2.5 inch color TFT LCD as its display. The products provide 64Mbyte or 128Mbyte embedded flash memory basically and they can be extended up to 128Mbyte with external MMC/SD (Multimedia Card / Secure Digital) memory card. Users can attach an optional digital still camera, TV Tuner on the products and DATA PLAY¢â media.

Connecting via USB port with a PC, users can download various content to these new products and also create content by themselves with the included Windows Media Encoder. The products can play back, with the reinforced Lithium Polymer battery, the motion picture files continuously for 4 hours and up to 7 hours in case of music files. The company also is planning to introduce a cellular phone feature as adopting CDMA or GSM wireless module on the current models in the very near future.

CEO of Impactra, Mr. Hugo Jung said, “We will sell the products to the end customers directly in the open market, but we are also working with various contents service providers who can provide their contents together with our products as a new bundle concept. In particular, cellular phone service companies and various contents providers can create their new business models with our products, we think.”

Companies that are creating rich, mobile multimedia devices need an operating system that can support the playback of a variety of multimedia file formats,” said Todd Warren, general manager of the Embedded and Appliance Platforms Group at Microsoft Corp. “Impactra’s portable media players harness the full power of the multimedia technologies delivered in Windows CE .NET to deliver a high-quality experience for customers.”

Impactra will sell the ‘Motion i’ from the first quarter of 2002 and ‘Sync i” from later part of 2002 in the US market and expect to sell around 100,000 units in 2002. That figure breaks down into 50,000 units sold domestically and 50,000 units sold overseas.