Palm Unveils the m130 and m515 Handhelds

Palm Unveils the m130 and m515 Handhelds


In a move to bring vivid color to handheld users worldwide, Palm, Inc. today unveiled the Palm(TM) m130 and m515 handhelds. Both feature bright color screens that support more than 65,000 colors, Palm’s dual-expansion technology, and access to more than 13,000 commercial software applications in addition to the popular Personal Information Manager (PIM) and intuitive user interface that have made Palm products the world’s favorite handheld computers.

The two new color handhelds join the recently debuted Palm i705 handheld — an integrated wireless email and messaging device for U.S. customers — to round out Palm’s early 2002 product lineup. The Palm m130 and m515 handhelds are immediately available in most countries worldwide for an estimated U.S. street price of $279 and $399, respectively.

“We’ve created the Palm m130 handheld to bring color and rechargeable batteries to a broader market, giving value-conscious consumers a fun and easy way to organize their lives; share photos and video clips; and view, edit and create documents,” said Todd Bradley, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Palm’s Solutions Group. “Professionals will find the Palm m515 handheld a compelling way to gain more control over their business and personal lives. With 16MB of memory, the handheld lets businesspeople more easily carry their corporate databases, important applications, and Word, Excel and PowerPoint files anywhere for instant productivity. And customers can access their email accounts and the Internet on both handhelds when coupled with a compatible data-enabled mobile phone or modem and an ISP.” Palm’s dual-expansion technology comprises the Palm Expansion Card Slot (for use with SD Card and MultiMediaCard media), which allows people to carry and share office-productivity and education software, eBooks, photos, short videos, extensive reference materials, back-up capabilities and extra memory, and the Palm Universal Connector for attaching add-on modules, such as a collapsible keyboards and modems.

Palm m130 Handheld

The Palm m130 handheld builds on the highly successful Palm m100 series, and offers the most affordable Palm Powered(TM) color handheld available today. An easy-to-use, durable and flexible product, the Palm m130 handheld is ideal for value-conscious consumers who value a bright color display and a rechargeable battery, including young professionals, first-time buyers, students and users who want to upgrade from the Palm m100 and m105 handhelds. A rechargeable battery means users never have to worry about replacing batteries. Palm’s dual-expansion technology and 8MB of memory give users the ability to add on to the Palm m130 handheld as their need for more powerful handheld applications grows. A removable flip-cover protects the color screen, and color faceplates easily snap on and off to add style and pizzazz (faceplates sold separately online at The Palm Store, ).

Palm m515 Handheld

A stylish marriage of form and function, the Palm m515 handheld provides the tools mobile professionals need in a sophisticated, elegant handheld. The new brighter color display and 16MB of memory let users work at their best no matter where they are, making the Palm m515 handheld the premier choice for managing a busy executive’s mobile lifestyle.

Brighter and easier to read than ever, the m515 handheld’s new color screen offers adjustable backlighting for maximum viewing control, and 16MB of memory means more room for professional and personal data. Palm’s dual-expansion technology enables users to back up the handheld on-the-go; add new software, business applications, or memory; and attach peripherals, such as a keyboard, a GPS receiver, or a wireless modem — for a tool that grows with the user’s needs.

The Palm m515 handheld’s powerful organizer software and support for familiar office software, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, make it the smart professional choice.


Based on the industry-leading Palm OS(R) platform, Palm m130 and m515 handheld users have access to more than 13,000 commercially available Palm OS software applications (see Palm’s Software Connection website at ). In addition, both new handhelds ship with a bonus CD-ROM with software applications that can be installed for added capabilities. If bought separately, these bundled products would cost more that $100. They are:

Chapura’s PocketMirror 3.0 — lets users synchronize calendar, contacts, tasks and notes with Microsoft Outlook for Windows;

DataViz’ Documents To Go 4.0 Professional Edition — lets users read and edit Microsoft Word and Excel documents, and read and share Microsoft PowerPoint presentations;

Palm Reader(TM), the leading eBook reader for Palm Powered devices — lets users read eBooks and view text files; MGI PhotoSuite Mobile Edition v2.23 — lets users view images and video clips in full color; powerOne Personal calculator from Infinity Softworks — a general purpose calculator.

Palm Mobile Connectivity software — a set of applications that lets users connect to the Internet via a compatible data-enabled mobile phone or modem to send and receive email, Short Messaging System (SMS) text and data, and access the Internet; AvantGo Mobile Internet Service for Palm OS — gives users offline or wireless access to info on the web; and Palm HotSync(R) Mail — synchronizes popular desktop email programs, such as Microsoft Outlook, via HotSync operation, enabling users on-the- go to read and prepare replies to desktop email offline.

Expansion Cards

Users can extend the capabilities of the Palm m130 and m515 handhelds via the Palm Expansion Card Slot. With support for SD Cards and MultiMediaCard expansion cards — postage-stamp-sized cards that allow users to access important information without sacrificing valuable memory space — the Palm Expansion Card Slot enables users to back up, as well as add content, memory and applications.

For example, the new 32MB Expansion Card plugs into the Palm Expansion Card Slot to provide additional memory for storing favorite software applications, pictures and audio files. And the new Backup Card: 16MB can be used to back up and restore data in one easy step.

Available expansion cards include the following:

PalmPak(R) Travel Card: Rand McNally Road Atlas
PalmPak Travel Cards for cities in the United States, Europe and Asia
PalmPak Language Translator Card
PalmPak Games Card
PalmPak Dictionary/Thesaurus Card
Backup Card: 16MB
16MB Expansion Card
32MB Expansion Card
PalmPak eBook series (Personal Finance, Mystery and Sci-Fi)
FranklinCovey handheld library of best-selling books
Franklin Electronics Holy Bible
Handmark Scrabble Card
Purple Software’s classic board games

SDIO support even lets users add wireless capabilities by combining the Palm Bluetooth Card and a compatible Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone.