Seiko Instruments Introduces New Smartpad For Pocket PCs

Seiko Instruments Introduces New Smartpad For Pocket PCs


Seiko Instruments USA Inc., a developer and marketer of advanced business and home/office products, today announced the introduction of SmartPad2e for Pocket PCs.

This addition to the SmartPad2e family, makes it easy to transfer handwritten notes and drawings from paper to the Compaq iPAQäand HP Jornadaä, as well as Casio, Toshiba and NEC PDA’s that utilize the Pocket PC Operating System exclusively.

“Since the introduction of the original SmartPadTM and SmartPad2e, we have seen solid sales of the products because end-users love the way they bridge the gap between digital storage and pen & paper,” said Joerg Welsch, European Sales and Marketing Manager, Seiko Instruments.

“With the Pocket PC now gaining ground in the PDA market, it’s time for us to offer SmartPad2e convenience and efficiency to consumers who prefer Pocket PC organizers.”

The SmartPad2e is a sleek, easy-to-carry note pad portfolio, measuring 298.5mm H x 215.9mm W x 38.1mm D, and with space for a European standard A5 note pad and the Pocket PC-connected organizer.

As users write on the notepad with the SmartPad2e pen (included), their notes and drawings are instantly transferred to the PDA. Notes are automatically transferred to a notebook or desktop PC via the ActiveSync® operation.

Once saved on a computer, notes and drawings can be viewed, edited, printed and attached to e-mail messages as .JPG, .INK, PNG or .BMP files.

The proprietary InkNoteManager software included with SmartPad2e for Pocket PC uses the personal Outlook™ categories and key words to organize and manage the users’ ink notes. Users can easily view, store, organize, manipulate and even email their ink notes from PDA’s with wireless modems.

The SmartPad2e is powered by two AAA alkaline batteries (included). System requirements include an IBM-compatible Pentium® or faster computer running Windows® 95 or later, 16 MB RAM minimum, 16 MB of available hard disk space and a CD-ROM drive. The SmartPad2e pen comes with five ink refill cartridges, and replacements are available from Seiko Instruments’ Web site. The standard A5 ruled notepad is included in the SmartPad2e package as well.

Seiko Instruments’ SmartPad2e for Pocket PC will be available in March in the UK through major retailers and distributors at a RRP of £169.95. inc VAT

Customers who previously purchased a Seiko SmartPad2e for use with a PDA that uses the Palm OS Operating System and who now want to use their SmartPad2e in conjunction with a PDA that uses the Pocket PC Operating System can do so simply by downloading the new InkNote Manager Software software free of charge from