Mazingo Boosts Consumers’ “Get-It-And-Go” Power With Casio E200 Pocket PC And IBM...

Mazingo Boosts Consumers’ “Get-It-And-Go” Power With Casio E200 Pocket PC And IBM Microdrive Package


Mazingo Network today announced a new hardware and service package that will allow consumers to significantly increase the number of news feeds, movies, and TV and radio shows they can download and carry on their personal digital devices. The package combines a Casio CASSIOPEIA E-200 Pocket PC, IBM’s 340 MB Microdrive removable storage, and one year of Mazingo mobile service. The Mazingo service, based on the concept of “magazines-on-the-go,” enables consumers to download rich video and audio content from a variety of channels onto their Pocket PC’s for business and personal enjoyment.

This package is designed to give consumers all the tools they need for a broadbased multimedia experience while on-the-go. By visiting, Mazingo users can choose from rich media channels in 15 categories including movies, music, radio and more. Content on the channels is automatically updated whenever a Mazingo customer synchronizes his or her device.

“We are thrilled to be offering this package to consumers,” said Brooks Haden, CEO, Mazingo. “The Casio E-200 was made for the demanding mobile user, which along with IBM’s high capacity removable storage, will let Mazingo customers enjoy the most compelling mobile multimedia experience to date.”

The award-winning 340 MB IBM Microdrive is designed to support multiple data types including MP3, text, JPEG, voice, etc., and can hold 1,000 digital photographs, compressed; six hours of near CD-quality audio; 300 hefty novels; or up to three hours of MPEG-1 video. The Casio CASSIOPEIA E-200 has 64 MB of RAM, 65,000 color reflective screen, both CompactFlash Type II and Secure Digital/Multimedia Card expansion slots, and is powered by Intel Corporation’s Intel StrongARM SA-1110 processor.

“Mazingo’s new hardware/service offering is a great value for mobile consumers and an ideal environment to take advantage of the Microdrive’s flexibility and portability,” said John Osterhout, Microdrive director of marketing, IBM Storage Technology Division.

“Casio is pleased to be working with Mazingo in the development of their rich multimedia applications for the Cassiopeia E200 Pocket PC. The Casio E200 combined with the IBM Microdrive is the perfect solution for offering the next generation of mobile multimedia that Mazingo has been able to bring to the market,” said Gary Schultz business director for Casio’s mobile computing division.

Channels immediately available with the package include:

* Movies
* Television Shows
* Music Videos
* Radio
* Short Films
* Comics/Cartoons
* News
* Weather
* Unlimited Custom Channels

Mazingo’s package, which includes the hardware, removable storage and Mazingo service, is offered at $749.95 — $250 less than if each product was purchased separately. In addition, the bundle enables Mazingo’s premium service, a $14.95 per month value, for an entire year.